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Last name First name Synopsis Date of birth Date of death
Aba Lickard
Abdulla G.
Abduraghman Shamar
Abdurahman Abdullah

Medical Doctor, Cape Muslim leader & founder of the anti-apartheid movement, African People's Organisation and human rights campaigner.

18-December-1872 02-February-1940
Abdurahman Abdullah

Medical Doctor, Cape Muslim leader & founder of the anti-apartheid movement, African People's Organisation and human rights campaigner.

18-December-1872 02-February-1940
Abednego Maduna
Abishayi Sibene
Abner Mkhonza
Abner Sithole
Abraham Marawa
Abraham Lentswane
Abraham Eric 1954
Abrahams Abduragman
Abrahams George
Abrahams Peter
Abrahams Israel

Chief Rabbi of Cape Town and Hebrew scholar, part-time professor of Hebrew at the University of Cape Town, chairman of the Jewish Museum and Historical Society, trustee of the Cape Town Jewish Orphanage, vice-president of the Society of Christians and Jews, a member of the Council of the South African Institute of Race Relations, and served on the board of the Cape Community Chest.

12 March 1903 27 October 1973
Abrahams Elizabeth

Anti-Apartheid activist and trade unionist

19-September-1925 17-December-2009
Abrahams Abduragman
Abrahams Elizabeth
Abrahams Peter

Author, journalist

03-March-1919 18-January-2017
Abrahams John
Abrahams Lionel
Abram Motau
Abram Sebopela
Abram Magogula
Acacia Hoho
Ackerman Raymond

Business Entreprenuer, who built the Checkers and Pick 'n Pay grocery store chains in South Africa.

10 March 1931
Ackermann L.W.H
Action Mukatezi
Adam Masamonke
Adam Feroza


16-August-1961 08-August-1994
Adam Magamonke
Adam Martin
Adams Farid
Adams Sydney
Adams Dorothy

A teacher and activist, member of the Non European Unity Movement and the National Liberation Front.

1928 May 2011
Adams Farid

Member of the SAIC and the SACP, 1956 Treason Trialist

Adams Dorothy 1928
Adams Magdelene Malotane
Adams Arthur

South African Expressionist painter“My work is based on my experience of South Africa as a 'vast and terrifying prison' - an experience which even now, after a decade of democracy, still haunts me."

23-June-1929 31-December-2006
Adams Sandra 16-September-1976
Adelman Samuel 17 April 1956
Adelman Samuel
Aderem Alan 20 November 1953
Adinort Sipela
Adler David
Adler Taffy
Adler David
Afrika Harry
Afrika Harry
Aggett Neil

Labour activist, medical doctor, organiser of the Transvaal Brach of the African Food and Canning Workers’ Union and the first White South African to die in police detention 

06-October-1953 05-February-1982
Aggrey James

Educator and Clergyman

18-October-1875 30-July-1927
Ahmed Sheik
Ahmed Junaid

General Secretary of the Congress of South African Writers, film maker.

1959 01-November-2016
Ainslie Rosalind
Ainslie William


10 April 1934 1989
Aitchison John

Member of NUSAS and Liberal Party of South Africa, Secretary of the Party in Natal, banned person, political prisoner, university lecturer, Emeritus Professor of Adult Education, ordained deacon in the Church of the Province of Southern Africa, Directo

Aitken Ramadzuli
Aiyar P.
Ajam Achmat
Ajam Achmat
Akila Mapheto
Alan Jeremy
Albasini João

White Chief of the Shangaan, elephant-hunter and trader

1 June 1813 10 July 1888
Albern Bazil 09-September-1976
Albert Matinise
Albert Matinise
Albert Mazibuko
Albert Mbekwa
Albert Gama
Alberts Paul

One of South Africa's leading social documentary photographers

1946 18-November-2010
Albertyn Christopher

trade unionist, Secretary of the Textile Workers Industrial Union, banned person

Aleck Chirwa
Alexander Dorothy Teacher, member of Teachers League of South Africa, African Peoples Union of Southern Africa, political prisoner, banned person, exile 7 August 1938
Alexander Dorothy Teacher, member of Teachers League of South Africa, African Peoples Union of Southern Africa, political prisoner, banned person, exile 7 August 1938
Alexander Dora
Alexander Kerr

Educationist and churchman

1885 21 February 1970
Alexander Daniel

Political activist and Clergyman

23-December-1883 May-1970
Alexander Benny (!Khoisan X)

Political activist and former PAC secretary general.

04-March-1955 13-October-2010
Alexander Ruth member of Cape Women’s Enfranchisement League, friend of Olive Schreiner, politically opposed Jan Smuts government, lecturer, writer, member of the Communist Party in Britain. 1888 1942
Alexander Jane


Alexander Kenneth

Born on the Cape Flats in the apartheid era, Kenneth grew up at a time of political ferment, forced removals and resistance. His art reflects this period and is often social comment.

Alexander Neville

Teacher, lecturer, banned person, author, advocate of multilingualism in post-apartheid South Africa, a strong proponent of socialist ideals and policy in the country, and a former prisoner in Robben Island, member of the NEUM, founder member of Y

22-October-1936 27-August-2012
Alexander Ngcobo
Alexander Forbes
Alfers Joseph

Photographer, reporter, television and media producer

Alfeus Sacharius
Alfred Masemola
Alfred Baliso
Alfred Ramanyoge
Alfred Liwana
Alfred Shabalala
Alfred Ndlovu
Alfred Duma
Ali Abraham
Ali Syed Raza 1882 1949
Alie Mohammed
Alie Mohammed
Allen Mathonsi
Allen Ndodomzi
Allie Abduraghman 07-September-1976
Allsop Annie

A member of the African Resistance Movement (ARM). Banned by the apartheid government.

Ally Lumkwane
Alocia Mthenyane
Alpheus Malaza
Alpheus Bokaba
Alpheus Dlamini
Alphios Bangani
Alset Walter 07-September-1986
Alson Mathunjwa
Altman Phyllis 1919 1999
Altman Phyllis

Political activist and trade unionist (1950s)

25-September-1919 18-September-1999
Altman Phullis
Alton Bequezi
Alvin Mdyova
Ames Frances
Ames Frances Professor, neurologist, psychiatrist, human rights activist, led the medical ethics inquiry into the death of Steve Biko, recipient of the Order of the Star of South Africa award, first woman to receive a MD degree from UCT 20 April 1920 11 November 2002
Amon Mkhonza
Amos Witbooi
Amos Ndoni
Amos Dlomo
Amoshungepi Lengisi
Amra Cassim

Banned person, journalist, photographer, member of the NIC

1919 1984
Amshewitz John Henry 1882 1942
Amungulu Naftalie
Amungulu Naftalie
Andersen Nils 1897 1972
Anderson David

Political Cartoonist, illustrator and writer

Andersson Michael
Andersson Gavin
Andile Hewukile
Andile Mvuka
Andrew Nobatana
Andrew Mapheto
Andrew Mashaba
Andrew Ratsomo
Andrew Shetlabane
Andrews Bosky
Andrews Paul
Andrews William

Pioneer of the trade union movement and first General Secretary of the Communist Party of South Africa.

20-March-1870 December 1950
Andries Maponya
Andries Maponya
Andries Pitikwane
Andries Mkhawane
Anglia C.
Anthony Frans
Anthony Frank
Anthony Suze
Anthony Frank 1940
Anthony Jacobs
Anthony Frank
Anthony Mbatyoti
Anton Xaba
Anwa Dramat
Apleni James 1930 5 March 1963
Appolis Christopher 10-September-1976
April Hose
April Lindile April 1986
April Stanely
April Wellington
April James

Teacher, member of the South African Coloured People’s Congress and MK, ANC, Robben Island prisoner.

April Maushe
April Maxim
April Nqubeni
April Duhalisile
April Bradfield
April Edward
Archibald Soga
Archibald Skefile
Archibald Skefile
Archibold Matyingwe
Archibold Skofile
Arenstein Jacqueline 1921
Arenstein Jacqueline(Jackie)

Journalist, Legal Advisor to Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi, jailed from 1966-1970 under the Suppression of Communism Act, charged with treason, 1956 Treason Trial.

Arenstein Rowley

Lawyer, banned person, trade union advisor,  member of the South African Communist Party and Congress of Democrats, advisor to Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi

07-July-1918 04-May-1996
Ariba Lancelot

Artist and architect 

Armstrong Khatsala
Arndt Ernst Heinrich Daniël

Lecturer and Registrar of Banks.

27 May 1899 3 May 1983
Arndt Ruth Elizabeth 1890 3 September 1841
Arnold Ben


Arnold G.
Aron Mtembu
Arturo Du
Ashley Budaza
Ashraf Kariem
Asmal Kader

Minister of Education (1999 – 2004), Minister of Water Affairs,(1994 – 1999) and a member of Parliament in the National Assembly from 1994– 2007.

08-October-1934 22-June-2011
Asmal Mohamed (Bob) Suleman

Commerical traveller, executive member of the Transvaal Indian Congress and a member of the Evaton People’s Transport Council.

1923 12 December 1966
Asvat Mohamed

Farouk Asvat is a novelist, poet, essayist, translator and medical doctor. He was banned by the South African apartheid regime between 1973 and 1978.

Asvat Zainab

Political activist, TIC Member and medical doctor

1920 30-November-2013
Asvat Abu Activist. Azapo Comrade. Doctor. Cricketer. Humanitarian. Health Secretary of Azapo, President of the Transvaal Cricket Board (1979-1981), President of the People’s Education Committee (Lenasia) (1986-1989). 23 February 1943 27 January 1989
Asvat Ebrahim

A passive resister from Vereeniging, Transvaal (now Gauteng), Member of Committee of British Indian Association (BIA) and Secretary of the BIA Johannesburg branch, political prisoner

3 July 1940
Atazaxes Phiri
Attwell Gcwaba
Attwell Eric

A member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA)who was banned by the apartheid government.

Atwell Masauli
Auerbach Franz
August Lucky
Autshumao Autshumao

KhoiKhoi leader and interpreter of the Gorinhaikonas.

Avhapfani Mukhesi
Azaria Ndebele
Azariah Nkosi
Azariah Nkosi
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