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Last name First name Synopsis Date of birth Date of death
Faans Nxadi
Fadana Samson
Faku Mncedisi
Faku Paramount

Chief of the Mpondos

1780 29 October 1867
Faku Christopher Nceba

ANC political activist and civic leader 

11 February 1956
Faku Christopher
Faku Chief
Faku Essie
Faku Mncidisi
Faleni Bonakele
Faleni Nho 1929
Faltein Rodger 17-February-1986
Fana Simon
Fanayi Mtila
Fani Ntsikelelo 12-November-1987
Fani Ben
Fani Letsea
Faniso Tembile
Faniso Mafi
Fanon Frantz

Soldier, Psychiatrist, Rebel, father, freedom fighter, decorated soldier, Philosopher and Author of mind provoking books such as ‘The Wretch of the Earth’, A Dying Colonialism’, Black Skin, White Mask’ and ‘Toward the African Revolution

20-July-1925 06-December-1961
Fanti Wilson
Fanti Wilson
Fanyane Mkonta
Farland Ringo
Farland Ringo
Farrell Denis
Fassie Brenda

South African pop singer

03-November-1964 09-May-2004
Fastus Haita
Fata R
Fata R
Fattal Alexander 1979
Fatyela Livingstone 1937 30 May 1967
Faure Abraham

clergyman and Author

29 August 1795 28 March 1875
Faure Hermione

Afrikaans dramatist, actress, producer and elocutionist

09-October-1894 25-December-1961
Favish Judith
Fawcett Millicent

Political activist

11-June-1847 05-August-1929
Fazzie Mzwandile
Fazzie Cornelius

member of the ANCYL and later the PAC

1924 1993
Fazzie Henry

Member of ANC, MK, PEBCO and the UDF

03-January-1924 August 2011
February Basil

Member of SACPO, MK Cadre, Author and part of the Wankie Campaign.

08-August-1943 15-August-1967
Feetham Richard

Classical scholar, author, advocate, Town Clerk of Johannesburg, legal adviser to the British High Commissioner in South Africa, member of the Transvaal Legislative Council, member of the Unionist Party and the South African Party, judge in the Transva

22 November 1874 5 November 1965
Feketshana Mashwabata
Felesi Kholikile
Felesi Kholikile
Felgate Walter Sidney

Political Activist

19-November-1930 08-January-2008
Felix 11-November-1986
Felix Kubeka
Femela Ernest
Feni Nikisi

banished person

Feni Dumile


21 May 1942 16 October 1991
Feni Yamani 1930
Feni David
Feni Blackie
Fenyang Walton

Newspaper publisher and ANC member

1877 1957
Fern Emily


1818 1953
Ferrus Diana

Poet, writer, performance artist, activist, founder member of Bush Poets, the Afrikaans Writers Association (Afrikaanse Skrywersvereniging), and Women in X-chains, member of the Women’s Education and Artistic Voice Expression (WEAVE), played an instrumental role in the repatriation of Sarah Baartman’s remains from France to South Africa, recipient of the Minister’s Award for Women

29 August 1953
Ferus John (Hennie) 8 February 1940 1981
Festenstein Hillard

A Medical Doctor. A member of the African National Congress and Umkhonto we Sizwe.

Festenstein Hilliard

A Medical Doctor. A member of the COD and Umkhonto we Sizwe.

Festenstein Iris

A member of South African Congress of Democrats, Communist Party of South Africa and The Anti-Apartheid Movement

Festinstein H.
Festus Haita
Fethi Phindile

trade unionist, politcal detainee, banned person, banished to Transkei

Fezile Dangala
Fibi Linda
Field Theophilus


1871 1934
Field Winston

Farmer; President of Rhodesian Tobacco Association; army serviceman in the Second World War; Member of Parliament for the Dominion Party; Founder member of the Rhodesian Front (FR); the seventh white Rhodesian Prime Minister. 

Fielden Hina
Fihla Nkosinathi

Banned person, Robben Island prisoner, Member of Parliament, Executive and Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay M

Fikile Mfukeni
Filita Samuel
Finch Alfred 09-September-1976
Fincken Mary

Singer and educationist

27-April-1882 15-June-1955
Fine Alan
Fine Derrick

A gay rights activist and a member of OLGA and the UDF

Fineberg Danny
Fineberg (nee Nicholson) Anne

A member of the South African Communist Party (SACP)

Fini Kokekile
Finkelstein Joseph
First Julius

Member of the Communist Party of South Africa

First Tilly
First Ruth

Member of the SACP and ANC, founder member of the South African Congress of Democrats (COD) and Author.

04-May-1925 17-August-1982
First Julius
Fisana Ndawana
Fischer Fozia
Fischer Ruth

A member of the South African Communist Party

Fischer Ilse

A member of the South African Communist Party

Fischer Abram "Bram"

Lawyer and Chairman of the SACP

23-April-1908 08 May 1975
Fischer Molly

Political activist, member of the South African Communist Party and the Federation of South African Women.

23-February-1908 13-June-1964
Fish Gustin
Fish Edward 07-September-1976
Fish Mark

South African football player

Fisher Ivy 12-August-1976
Fitzgerald Patrick

A member of the African National Congress

Fitzgerald Mary

first woman trade unionist, first woman printer and first woman city councillor.

1882 1960
Fitzpatrick Percy


24-July-1862 24-January-1931
Fitzsimons Vivian

Snake venom specialist

1901 1975
Flatela Kgotso
Flegg Hillary

A social worker

Flegg Norman

Worked in the Guardian news paper

Flegg Eric
Fletcher Mellville
Flior Jack

A member of the Communist Party of South Africa

Floyd Elizabeth
Flynn Bill

Popular South African actor

13-December-1948 11-July-2007
Fokwana Enoch
Folley Lawrence

Lawrence Folley had a long and distinguished career on the stage, appearing in opera, operetta, musicals and concert platforms around the world.  He won the Nederburg Opera prize five times and the coveted Artes Award.  Folley was voted South

06-December-1928 14-January-2007
Forbes Ashley
Ford James
Forde Reginald

Teacher, headmaster, community activist and Boy Scout leader. For his outstanding leadership in education and contribution to community service and the Boy Scout Movement of South Africa, Reginald Dudley Forde was awarded the Order of the Baobab in Bro

20 April 1940
Forman Lionel

journalist, author, barrister and member of the COD and SACP

30-November-1926 02-October 1959
Forman Sadie Anti-apartheid activist, women’s rights activist, member of the African National Congress Women’s League (ANCWL), banned 1929 11 December 2014
Fortuin David
Fothsho Fouche
Fourie Joey Trade unionist, organised workers in the catering trade, first secretary of the Waitress Union, secretary of the National Union of Distributive Workers in Cape Town, secretary of the South African Hairdressers’ Union, member of the Communist Party of South Africa, Woodstock City Council, banned 7 October 1962
Fourie Jopie (Josef Johannes)

Scout and dispatch rider during the South African War.

1878 20 December 1914
Fourie Pierre


26-June-1943 21-June-1980
France Morule
Francis Jude
Francis Michael
Francis David
Francis Jeremiah
Francis Michael

A member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA). Banned by the apartheid government.

Franck William Bruce

franck was a self-taught artist.

1907 1970
Francois Leo


1870 1938
Frank Moneli
Frank Anthony
Frank Ngobo
Frankish John 1950 2011
Franklin Grysman
Franks Esther

First female Ophthamologist in South Africa

Frans Mothloaleng
Frans Michael
Frans Madiba
Fransch Anthony 11/11/89
Fraser-Moleketi Geraldine

An active trade unionist and member of Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK), she received military training in Angola and the Soviet Union and was exiled in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Angola. She has recently held the position of Minister of Public Service and Administration.

Fred Leteane
Fred Dyebi
Freddie Simon
Frederick Gqola
Frescura Franco

Witwatersrand University SRC member, political detainee, cartoonist, architect, university lecturer, member of the ANC, participant at CODESA, Senior Manager (Philately) at the South African Post Office, member of the board of South African History Onl

28 September 1946
Freund Wilhelmina

Actress and teacher

17-March-1890 06-December-1938
Freyani Dickson
Friba Franklin Kaye Kendall Ariba 1870
Friedland Helmut 1908
Friedman Steven

Labour activist, academic and newspaper columnist

31 March 1953
Fubesi Teku
Fugard Harold

South African playwright, actor, and novelist world famous for his cutting portrayal of apartheid

Fula Arthur Novelist, poet, first Black African Afrikaans author, court interpreter, recipient of the Government’s National Order of Ikhamanga in Bronze 16 May 1908 16 May 1966
Funani Mangaliso
Funani Mathews 21/07/88
Funani Mfana
Fundanga David
Fusa Kosemtu
Fuyani D

Member of the African National Congress (ANC)

Fuyani Dixon
Fuzile Mxolisi
Fuzili Jackson
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