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google Eastern Orthodox Icon of All Saints. (Christ is enthroned in heaven surrounded by Angels, at the bottom is Paradise with Abraham and the Good Thief) All Saints Mission, Eastern Cape Church, Heritage Site, Missionary Station, Outdoor Activities Eastern Cape
  1. President Jacob Zuma delivers the President Thabo Mbeki Centenary Lecture, Aliwal North, Eastern Cape, 9 November, 2012
  2. The Anglican Church - dissension in the ranks?
  3. Eric Nqcobo An Example of the Locomotives Used to Transport Gold From the Mines Allanridge, Free State Province Heritage Site, Mine, Railway Station, Town Free State Historical Site
  1. Address by President Nelson Mandela North West stadium Welkom, 27 August 1995
  2. News Report and Resolution of the Conference of Chiefs and Leaders in the Transvaal and Orange Free State Convened by the Government, September 6-7, 1935
  3. The 1913 Women’s anti-pass campaign in the Orange Free State
  4. 24. Muslim traders petition against Free State law of 1884
  5. Speech by President Nelson Mandela before Free State leaders
http:"// View Over Bungalows at Aldam, Towards Wilem Pretorius Game Reserve Allemanskraal or Aldam, Free State Province Battle Site, Monument, Outdoor Activities, Village Free State Historical Site
  1. Extract from a speech at the opening of the National Party Congress of the Orange Free State at Bloemfontein on 18 September 1973
  2. Liberation Struggle in South Africa
  3. Africa: Colonialism, Arts, Protest & Independence
  4. ”An Appeal to the Members of the Imperial Parliament and Public of Great Britain”. Petition from the South African Native National Congress, 1914 Ducks in the Bird Sanctuary Allison Bird Sanctuary, Pietermaritzburg Outdoor Activities, Reserve, Zoo Kwazulu Natal
  1. Opposing apartheid in the Pietermaritzburg region
  2. Passage to Natal - The Journey
  3. The importance of conservation in KwaZulu
  4. The South African Teacher Who Turned Her Home into a Sanctuary of Color and Light By Alexxa Gotthardt, 13 June 2018, Artsy
  5. Moletzie Bird Sanctuary
  6. Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary, New Muckleneuk, Pretoria
  7. Barberspan Bird Sanctuary A Genus of Aloe Aloes Railway Station, Port Elizabeth Holiday Destination, Monument, Outdoor Activities, Railway Station Kwazulu Natal Historical Site
  1. The Pietermaritzburg Treason Trial, 1984
  2. Gandhi Trail through Durban
  3. Community histories in Port Elizabeth
  4. Alicedale a Village in Albany District

Alphen house; View of Constantia;Mosque;View of Cape Town from Constantia Image source

Alphen; Constantia Road, Constantia- Cape Town Heritage Site, House, Monument, Suburb, Wine Estate Western Cape Historical Site
  1. Cape Town, Western Province
  2. General South African History Timeline: 1700s
  3. A total extinction confidently hoped for: the destruction of Cape San society under Dutch colonial rule, 1700–1795 by Mohamed Adhikari (Journal of Genocide Research (2010), 12(1–2)) Chemical Compound of Alum, Mined in Aluinkloof Aluimkloof, Calitzdorp- Western Cape Mine, Ravine Western Cape Industry
  1. Calitzdorp, Route 62
  2. New leather Union formed
google Alum Crystal, Mined On the Farm Aluin Krantz West, a Farm Near Alexandria Cliff, Farm, Municipality, School, Valley Eastern Cape
  1. Alexandria, Real and Imagined edited by Anthony Hirst and Michael Silk, 2004

  2. A study of the theoretical aspects of ANC mobilisational methods in the Eastern Cape Townships of Cradock and Port Alfred, 1980-1988
  3. Emergency treatment of unrest victims in the eastern Cape
  4. Different priorities at Port Alfred,_1st_Viscount_Alverstone Richard Webster Alverstone, a Railway Station near Drummond Hill, Railway Station Kwazulu Natal
  1. Indigo Vats, Pinetown
  2. Pinetown Museum
  3. St. Wendolins Ridge, Pinetown
  4. Mariannhill, Pinetown
  5. Florence Drummond
  6. Democratic and effective, says Northern Natal
  7. May Day courage in Northern Natal
google Traditional Zulu Dancers Amabedlana, a Mountain in Kwa Zulu Natal Mountain, Outdoor Activities Kwazulu Natal
  1. Kranshoek, Western Cape Amabhele, Xhosa Men AMabele, Eastern Cape Railway Station District, Heritage Site, Railway Station Eastern Cape
  1. The Transkei
  2. Emergency treatment of unrest victims in the eastern Cape Scene of a Battle in the Anglo-Boer War Amajuba, a Mountain in Natal Heritage Site, Mountain, Outdoor Activities, Post Office Limpopo Historical Site
  1. The Newcastle Boycott
  2. Volksrust, Mpumalanga
  3. First Anglo Boer War
" Ordering Xhosa Men to Battle! AmaLinde, West of King Williams Town Battle Site, Heritage Site Eastern Cape Historical Site
  1. The House of Phalo: A History of the Xhosa People in the Days of Their Independence By Jeffrey B. Peires
  2. The Contentious Relationship Between Ngqika And Ndlambe Amamakop Hill, in the Background Amamakop, a Hill in the Northern Cape Hill Eastern Cape
  1. Aggeneys, a Town at the foot of the Aggeneys Mountain in the Namaqualand
  2. Establishment of the Cape and its impact on Khoikhoi and Dutch
  3. The Struggle over land - Khoikhoi meet Dutch
  4. The arrival of KhoiKhoi
  5. The last Khoikhoi Chief of Komaggas by Horst Kleinschmidt, November 2012, (SK Newsletter 15)
  6. The KhoiKhoi Rebellion

Pupils of Amandasig Secondary School

Amandasig- Akasia, Suburb in Gauteng Retirement Centre, School, Suburb Gauteng
  1. Akasiapark, Residential Area for Civil Servants
  2. Akasia, Suburb of Pretoria
  3. Colonial history of Pretoria

  4. AYCO invites all the youth on a trip to Magaliesberg Via Lion Park
  5. Apartheid Legislation 1850s-1970s
  6. Comparison between racial policies of Nazi Germany before 1938 and apartheid laws in South Africa
  7. Pretoria Boys High School A European Almond Amandel, a Railway Siding in the Eastern Cape Railway Siding Eastern Cape
  1. Jan van Riebeeck journal, 1619-1677 - Nederlandsche Oost-Indische Compagnie
  2. A page from the original Journal of Jan Van Riebeeck_1-7 October 1657_Cape Archives
  3. Aliwal North, Eastern Cape
  4. President Jacob Zuma delivers the President Thabo Mbeki Centenary Lecture, Aliwal North, Eastern Cape, 9 November, 2012
  5. History of slavery and early colonisation in South Africa target NG Kerk, in Amandelboom Amandelboom, Town in Northern Cape Missionary Station
  2. European missionaries in southern Africa: the role of the missionaries
  4. Northern Cape
https://www.kruger Grey Rhebuck, (Swazi Name for Amanxala) Amanxala, a Farmstead in Mpumalanga District, Farm Mpumalanga
  1. Mpumalanga
  2. No More Tears: Struggles for Land in Mpumalanga, South Africa edited by Richard Levin, Daniel Weiner
  3. Skurweberg Pass, Mpumalanga
  4. Lydenburg, Mpumalanga
  5. Address by the President of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki, on the Occasion of the Women’s Day Celebrations, Atlantic Park Stadium, Witbank, Mpumalanga, 9 August 2004

A Black River

Amanzamnyama, a small size Town in Kwa-Zulu Natal District, Farm, Missionary Station, River Kwazulu Natal

  1. From Warriors to Wage Slaves: The Fate of the Zulu People Since 1879
  2. Mission Stations - A-F
  3. Valdezia Mission Station, Soutpansberg District
  4. Wupperthal Mission Station, Clanwilliam
  5. Eshowe, Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal
  6. Richards Bay and removals: Part one - September 1981
  7. Richards Bay and removals: Part two - Reserve 4

The Holiday Destination of Amanzimtoti, Bordering on the Indian Ocean

Amanzimtoti, South Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal Beach, Holiday Destination, Municipality, Outdoor Activities, Restaurant Kwazulu Natal Historical Site
  1. In the spirit of King Shaka: King Goodwill talks of the past and the future of Blacks
  2. Heritage Route of King Shaka
  3. Port Shepstone, South Coast of KZN
  4. Anerley, South Coast of KZN
  5. Indian Indentured Labour in Natal 1860-1911
  6. Passage to Natal - The Journey
  7. Early Settlement at the Bay of Natal
  8. Second European Settlement at the Bay of Natal
  9. The Natal Train
  10. Adams Mission, Kwa-Zulu Natal

Amatikulu Nature Reserve, Natal

Amatikulu, a Nature Reserve in Kwa-Zulu Natal Beach, Forest, Holiday Destination, Outdoor Activities, Reserve Kwazulu Natal
  1. Durban Timeline 1497-1990
  2. Documents, and articles relating to Durban
  3. Shaka Zulu
  4. The importance of conservation in KwaZulu
  5. Land needs versus conservation
Google PNG Hiking in the Amatola Mountain Region Amatola Mountain Region, Eastern Cape Hiking Trail, Mountain, Outdoor Activities, Village Eastern Cape
  1. Grahamstown and group areas: some facts

  2. Detentions in and around Grahamstown: Paper Presented at the Black Sash National Conference 1988
  3. Trends in society: An address delivered to the University Christian Movement at Stutterheim on 9th July 1968
  4. Stutterheim, Amatola- Eastern Cape
  5. Hogsback, Eastern Cape The Amatole Museum Amatole, a Mountain Range, Near East London Mountain, Museum, River, Town Eastern Cape Historical Site

  1. Mass Resistance in the Eastern Cape: Paper Presented at National Conference 1986
  2. Winterberg Mountains, Amatola
  3. Banned, but never silenced by Glyn Williams (Editor - The Daily Dispatch), 6 September 2012, Eastern Cape, South Africa
  4. Xhosa
  5. King Williams Town, Amatola
  6. New public housing schemes in Zwelitsha, near King Williams Town
  7. AmaLinde, West of King Williams Town
  8. Black Peoples Convention: Minutes of the Fourth National Congress held at King Williams Town, December 1975

An Example of an Anthill in the Kruger National Park

Amatsukeni, Waterhole in the Sandy Bed of the, Nwaswitsonto River Dam, Outdoor Activities, Reserve, River Mpumalanga
  1. Kruger National Park
  2. Sabie Sands Game Reserve
  3. Tsonga

Ambleside Image source

Ambleside, a Railway Siding in Mpumalanga Railway Siding, Region, Reserve, Shipwreck, Town Mpumalanga
  1. Ambleside, a Railway Siding in Mpumalanga
  2. Speech at the State Banquet Windsor Castle, England, 12 June 2001
  3. Mpumalanga
  4. Machadodorp, Mpumalanga
  5. Skurweberg Pass, Mpumalanga
  6. No More Tears: Struggles for Land in Mpumalanga, South Africa edited by Richard Levin, Daniel Weiner
Google St. Ambrose, Bishop of Milan Ambrosiushoek, Gaansbaai Western Province Church, Municipality, Outdoor Activities, Town Western Cape
  1. Caledon, Cape Overberg
  2. Pringle Bay, Cape Overberg
  3. Barrydale, Cape Overberg
  4. Stanford, Western Cape Overberg
  5. Riviersonderend, Cape Overberg‎▼ the City of Amersfoort in the Netherlands, Where the Town in Mpumalanga, Obtains its Name Amersfoort near Ermelo Outdoor Activities, River Mpumalanga Historical Site
  1. Testimony of the Delegation of the South African Native National Congress, Ermelo, before the Eastern Transvaal Land Committee,January 8, 1918
  2. Gencor Ermelo coal mine found guilty of 35 deaths
  3. Mpumalanga
  4. Lydenburg, Mpumalanga

An Example of an Acacia Tree Image source

Ameva River, Eastern Cape Homeland, Outdoor Activities, River Eastern Cape
  1. Xhosa
  2. Address by the President of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki, at the Freedom Day celebrations, Bisho Stadium, Eastern Cape, 27 April 2007
  3. The Transkei
  4. United Nations Response to Declaration of Transkei as an ‘Independent Homeland’, 26 October 1976 Travelling in the Karoo Amikoob, a Plain in the Willomore Area; (Vogelstruisleegte) Region Eastern Cape
  1. A Bushman Odyssey Trailer
  2. Squatters at Bushmans River big headache
  3. Anthropology and the Bushman by Alan Barnard
  4. Establishment of the Cape and its impact on Khoikhoi and Dutch
  5. The KhoiKhoi Rebellion
  6. Kora: A Lost Khoisan Language of the early Cape and the Gariep by Menán du Plessis - 1. The linguistic classification of Kora

The Drakensburg Mountian Range Image source

Amphitheatre, Drakensburg Mountain Range Hiking Trail, Holiday Destination, Mountain, Outdoor Activities Kwazulu Natal
  1. Chapter 3 - Historical Lesotho
  2. Chapter 4 - Poor, yet generous Lesotho
  3. Address by President Thabo Mbeki at the Opening of Phase 1B of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project, Mohale Dam, Kingdomof Lesotho, 16 March 2004
  4. uKhlahlamba Drakensberg Park
  5. Tugela River in the Drakensberg- KwaZulu Natal
  6. Drakensberg Mountain Region, Lesotho
  7. 'Aba Mponjwana', Drakensberg Mountains
  8. 1838 Die Groot Trek oor die Drakensberg

A sailing vessel Image source

Amsterdam Flats, Region in the Eastern Cape Hill, Shipwreck, Town Eastern Cape
  1. Emergency treatment of unrest victims in the eastern Cape
  2. Dutch East India Company (DEIC)/VOC
  3. Dutch Ships in Tropical Waters: The development of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) shipping network in Asia by Robert Parthesius
  4. Port Elizabeth Timeline 1799-1986

A Rocky Outcrop in the Terrain of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Mkhondo Local Municipality Outdoor Activities, Settlement, Town Mpumalanga Historical Site
  1. The Dutch Settlement
  2. First Anglo Boer War

A Khoi Women Image source

Anagob, a Mountain Peak in Northern Cape Hill, Peak Northern Cape
  1. Spotlight on the Northern Cape
  2. Kuboes, Northern Cape
  3. Northern Cape
  4. Loeriesfontein, Northern Cape
  5. Upington, Northern Cape
  6. Paballelo-Upington
  7. Khoi - Womanhood and Sexuality
  8. The Struggle over land - Khoikhoi meet Dutch
  9. Khoisan Identity

a Cartoon Depicting WW2 Image source

Andalusia, Cape and Transvaal Border Farm, Municipality, Settlement Western Cape
  1. Grade 5 - Term 4: A Heritage trail through the provinces of South Africa
  2. Second World War and its impact, 1939-1948
  3. Black Nationalist Politics and the Dilemma of the Second World War
  4. Afrikaners and the Second World War by Rodney Warwick
  5. The Lady in White: British Imperial Loyalism and Women’s Volunteerism in Second World War Durban by Jonathan Hyslop (Journal of Natal and Zulu History), 2018

Andries Pretorius Monument Image source

Andries Pretorius Monument , Graaf Reniet Battle Site, Monument, Restaurant Eastern Cape Historical Site
  1. Andries Wilhelmus Jacobus Pretorius
  2. Copy of the treaty allegedly signed by Dingaan and Retief ceding large tracts of the Zulu Kingdom to the Voortrekkers
  3. Shaka Zulu
  4. Battle of Blood River 1838
  5. Africa: Colonialism, Arts, Protest & Independence

View of Andriesburg Image source

Andriesburg, Eastern Cape Hill, Municipality, Town Eastern Cape
  1. Lady Frere, Eastern Cape
  2. Lockout in Queenstown
  3. Xumabokwe Hill, Queenstown
  4. Sidwadweni Village, Queenstown-Eastern Cape
  5. Xhosa
  6. Carnarvon District, Karoo

Anegas Range Image source

Anegas Range a Mountain in the Northern Cape Mountain, Municipality, Outdoor Activities Northern Cape
  1. The arrival of KhoiKhoi
  2. Port Nolloth, Namaqualand Northern Cape
  3. Northern Cape
  4. Spotlight on the Northern Cape
Anerley Beach Photo courtesy of Lesley Lancaster Anerley, South Coast of KZN Holiday Destination Kwazulu Natal
  1. Minister’s surprise visit to KZN hospital gets thumbs up from patients and staff by Zingisile Mapazi
  2. Mount Currie Nature Reserve, KZN-Kokstad

Cathedral Image source

Anglican Cathedral, Bloemfontein Church

Wild Carnation Image source

Anglierbosch, Western Cape Town Western Cape
  1. Western Cape Youth Uprising timeline 1976
  2. Establishment of the Cape and its impact on Khoikhoi and Dutch
  3. The Dutch Settlement
  4. Growing social unrest: Community mobilisation, strikes and student protests in the Western Cape in the 1980s

A cement truck Image source

Anglo Alpha, a Railway Siding near Colligney, North West Municipality, Railway Siding, Town North West
  1. North West
  2. Sannieshof, North West Province
  3. Coligny, North West Province

Anglo Boer War Museum in Bloemfontein

Anglo Boer War Museum, Bloemfontein Museum Free State Historical Site
  1. First Anglo Boer War
  2. Second Anglo-Boer War - 1899 - 1902
  3. Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902: White man’s war, black man’s war, traumatic war by André Wessels
  4. Untold damage of Anglo-Boer war
  5. Womens Rights

Angolan Flag. A Country in Africa on the West Coast

Angola Country Africa
  1. Case study: Angola
  2. Country Investment Profile: Angola by Ecobank Research, March 2013
  3. Angola 2014 by African Economic Outlook
  4. Njinga Ana de Sousa
  5. Amulets & Dreams by Omar Badsha and Guy Tillim A Jersey Cow Angra das Vaccas, Mossel Bay Bay, Holiday Destination, Museum, Shipwreck Eastern Cape Historical Site
  1. Albertinia, Mossel Bay
  2. 'Aliwal South', Alternative Name for Mossel Bay
  3. Mossel Bay, (400 km From Cape Town)
  4. Cross erected by Bartholomew Dias
  5. Maritime history and heritage: shipwrecks
  6. Outside Links pertaining to Maritime history and heritage
aerial view of Luderitz Bay with Felsenkirche Church which was consecrated in 1912.

A aerial view of the early Lutheran Church in Luderitz Bay Image source

Angra das Voltas, Luderitz Bay- Namibia Bay Historical Site
  1. Bartolomeu Diaz
  2. 'Aguada de Sao Bras', Mossel Bay
  3. Albertinia, Mossel Bay
  4. 'Aliwal South', Alternative Name for Mossel Bay
  5. Mossel Bay, (400 km From Cape Town)
  6. Angra das Vaccas, Mossel Bay
  7. Luderitz, Namibia

The Railway Station called Angus

Angus, a Railway Station near Johannesburg Railway Station, Township Gauteng
  1. Articles & Books on Johannesburg
  2. Railway general strike
  3. Sorrows in the railways

  4. South African Railways and Harbours Workers Union

A group of Khoikhoi Men Image source

Anhalt-Schmidt, a Mission Station in Little Karoo District, Hospital, Missionary Station Western Cape
  1. Berlin Missionary Society
  2. Garden Route, Cape Town
  3. Western Province literacy project
  4. Establishment of the Cape and its impact on Khoikhoi and Dutch
  5. Khoisan Identity
  6. The arrival of KhoiKhoi
  7. The last Khoikhoi Chief of Komaggas by Horst Kleinschmidt, November 2012, (SK Newsletter 15)

A Xhosa Chief Image source

Ann Shaw Mission, in the Eastern Cape Church, Missionary Station, Village Eastern Cape
  1. Mission Stations - A-F
  2. Mandela speech at a Methodist church service in Langa
  3. A message to the Methodist people
  4. A selection of resolutions taken at the Committee Meeting of the Christian Citizenship Department of the Methodist Church of South Africa, held at Alberton on August 18, 1977
  5. Xhosa
  6. Middledrift, Eastern Cape

Vessel that Ran Aground Image source

Annabella Sandbank, Durban Port Harbour, Port, Ridge, Shipwreck Kwazulu Natal
  1. Durban Harbour and Port
  2. Maritime history and heritage: shipwrecks
  3. S.A shipwrecks and the National Heritage Resources Act
  4. Historical ships and shipwrecks along the South African coast

A Mission House Built Near the River Image source

Annis River, near Kuboes in the Northern Cape Dam, Hiking Trail, Outdoor Activities, Pan Northern Cape
  1. Kuboes, Northern Cape
  2. Spotlight on the Northern Cape
  3. Richtersveld Cultural and Botanical Landscape, Northern Cape
  4. The Richtersveld Community v. Alexkor Ltd. Mining Corporation