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Annis River Image source

Annisfontein, a Spring and Outspan in Richtersveld- Northern Cape Campsite, Cave, Hiking Trail, Outdoor Activities, Spring Northern Cape
  1. Richtersveld Cultural and Botanical Landscape, Northern Cape
  2. The Richtersveld Community v. Alexkor Ltd. Mining Corporation
  3. Kuboes, Northern Cape
  4. Northern Cape
  5. Loeriesfontein, Northern Cape
  6. The Cape Northern Frontier
  7. Koingnaas, Northern Cape
  8. Port Nolloth, Namaqualand Northern Cape
  9. Aogutoas, Village near Port Nolloth

near Anniskop Hill Image source

Anniskop, Hill in Karoo-Namibia Archaeological Site Northern Cape
  1. Richtersveld Cultural and Botanical Landscape, Northern Cape
  2. Annis River, near Kuboes in the Northern Cape
  3. Kuboes, Northern Cape

The Suburb of Annlin With Iconic Jaccaranda Trees Image source

Annlin, a Suburb of Pretoria Municipality, Suburb Gauteng
  1. Community histories of Pretoria
  2. The 1956 Women’s March, Pretoria, 9 August
  3. Wonderboom Nature Reserve, Pretoria
  4. Fort Wonderboompoort, Wonderboom-Pretoria
  5. Wonderboom National Airport, Tshwane

Van Wouw House Image source

Anton van Wouw House, Museum- Pretoria Monument, House, Museum, Restaurant

Australian Troops Landing at Gallipoli in 1915 Image source

Anzac, a Railway Siding near Brakpan Railway Siding
  1. Alberton, Germiston
  2. St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Odendal Street, Germiston
  3. Braaivleis Beneath the Brakpan Wall

  4. South to South: New Zealand-South African Perspectives
  5. White Australia has a black history: dont ce
  6. S.D.F. Split-1914 World War
  7. World War One in Color: Slaughter in the Trenches
  8. South Africa in World War One, 31 October 2018

Mined Copper Image source

Aogutoas, Village near Port Nolloth Mine, Outdoor Activities, Village Northern Cape Historical Site
  1. Port Nolloth, Namaqualand Northern Cape
  2. Tools and weapons from iron and copper
  3. Zambia, Mining and Neoliberalism - Boom and Bust on the Globalized CopperBelt edited by Alastair Fraser and Miles Larmer
  4. The arrival of KhoiKhoi
  5. Cross erected by Bartholomew Dias

Apartheid Activists Image source

Apartheid Museum, Johannesburg Museum Gauteng Historical Site
  1. United Nations and Apartheid Timeline 1946-1994
  2. Apartheid Legislation 1850s-1970s
  3. From Segregation to Apartheid
  4. Apartheid and reactions to it
  5. Towards a people’s culture, Art and Resistance under apartheid Timeline 1938-1997
  6. Comparison between racial policies of Nazi Germany before 1938 and apartheid laws in South Africa
  7. The 1980s and the crisis of Apartheid
  8. The collapse of apartheid in South Africa - coming together of internal and external pressures
  9. ANC and the early development of apartheid 1948-1950s
  10. Armed Struggle, the anti-apartheid struggle accelerates 1984-1990
  11. Response by Nelson Mandela to De Klerk’s 2 July 1992 memorandum
  12. Response by Nelson Mandela, President of the African National Congress, to the speech by the State President, F. W. de Klerk, at the first session of CODESA, World Trade Centre, Kempton Park
  13. Statement of the Deputy President of the ANC, Nelson Mandela, on his meeting with the State president, F.W. DE Klerk
  14. Johannesburg the Segregated city
  15. Articles & Books on Johannesburg

Monkey Thorn Tree Image source

Apiesdoring, a Mpumalanga Railway Station Railway Station Mpumalanga
  1. Removals and Resistance: Rural communities in Lydenburg, South Africa, 1940 - 1961
  2. Lydenburg, Mpumalanga

  3. South African Railways and Harbours Workers Union

velvet monkey found in the trees by riverside Image source

Apiesrivier, a River Which Flows Through Pretoria Outdoor Activities, River Gauteng
  1. Maps through time, Pretoria
  2. Pretoria the Segregated city

Appollo the Greek God of Light Image source

Apollo Peak, a Mountain Peak of Cederberg; Near Citrusdal Mountain, Peak Western Cape
  1. Cederberg Wilderness Area
  2. A Land Dispossession History 1600s-1990s

The Name Originated From Wild Apricots Image source

Appelkooskop, Ficksburg; free State Mountain, Outdoor Activities, Peak Free State
  1. Ficksburg
  2. Speech by President Nelson Mandela before Free State leaders
  3. 25. ‘Free State’ implies equality, declare traders
  4. 24. Muslim traders petition against Free State law of 1884

Prentjiesberg Image source

Apryntjiesberg / Prentjiesberg Mountain
Arderne Public Gardens, Main Road, Claremont Western Cape
  1. Cape Town, Western Province

Arniston, a Quaint Little Fishing Village

Arniston, Cape Agulhas Village Western Cape
  1. A list of South African Shipwrecks
  2. Historical ships and shipwrecks along the South African coast

Front of; Main Artillery Barrack Building

Artillery Road Barracks at the H.Q. of South African Defence Heritage Site, Military Base, Monument Gauteng Historical Site
  1. Sir. Theophilus Shepstone
  2. Federation of Transvaal Women (FEDTRAW)
  3. Official residence, Commander of British forces in South Africa, Roberts Heights, Pretoria
  4. African Manpower Statistics for the British Forces in East Africa, 1914-1918
  5. Grade 8 - Term 1: The Industrial Revolution in Britain and Southern Africa from 1860

The Renowned Steam Train of Ashton, Alongside Main Road

Ashton, Route 62 Farm, Outdoor Activities, Town, Wine Estate Western Cape
  1. Montagu, Route 62
  2. Breede River Valley, Route 62
  3. Co-operatives
  4. Co-operatives start small and cannot provide employment for everyone
  5. Co-operatives
  6. NUM on co-operatives
  7. Growing social unrest: Community mobilisation, strikes and student protests in the Western Cape in the 1980s

Atheneaum building, Port Elizabeth Image source

Athenaeum building, Belmont Terrace, Port Elizabeth Monument Eastern Cape
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Cape Flats, 'Shanty Town' Image source

Athlone - or Cape Flats, Cape Town Forced Removal, Memorial, Mosque Western Cape Group Areas
  1. Cape Town, Western Province
  2. The Freedom struggle in Cape Town
  3. Cape Town the Segregated city
  4. Articles & books relating to Cape Town
  5. Table Mountain Water Supply
  6. 'Amstel River', Now Known as Liesbeek River
  7. Anti-Indian Legislation 1800s - 1959
  8. The Cape Malay
  9. Cape Flats Details - Life and Popular Art in Cape Town’s Townships
  10. Document 66 - Hosea Jaffe , “The First Ten Years of the Non-European Unity Movement”, Excerpts from a lecture delivered to the Cape Flats Educational Fellowship, December 1953
  11. Negotiating Culture in Contemporary South Africa: Photographic self-representations from the Cape Flats by Heike Becker
  12. Cape Flats Nature Reserve, University of the Western Cape, Bellville
  13. Mitchells Plain, Cape Flats
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The Orange River Gushing Through Rapids, photo by Andre' Gildenhuys

Augrabies Fall National Park, Northern Cape Archaeological Site, Outdoor Activities, Reserve, Town, Waterfall Northern Cape Historical Site
  1. Upington, Northern Cape
  2. Orange River
  3. Vredefort Dome, Free State - North West
  4. Blyde River Canyon, Mpumalanga
  5. Grade 8 - Topic 2 - The Mineral Revolution in South Africa
  6. Spotlight on the Northern Cape
Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary, New Muckleneuk, Pretoria

Auwal Mosque Image source

Auwal Masjid, Cape Town Church Western Cape Historical Site
  1. History of Muslims in South Africa by Ebrahim Mahomed Mahida
  2. Cape Town the Segregated city
  3. Articles & books relating to Cape Town
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Just a Few of the 300 000 Grave Sites!

Avalon Cemetery, Soweto Cemetery, Municipality, Museum Gauteng Group Areas, Historical Site
  1. A history of Soweto
  2. Johannesburg Historical & community Leaders
  3. ”An Address at the Mendi Memorial Celebration, Bantu Sports Grounds, Johannesburg.” by Dr. A. B. Xuma, February 23, 1941
  4. Lilian Masediba Ngoyi
  5. The struggle for health services in Lenasia
  6. Helen Joseph
  7. Hector Pieterson Memorial and Museum, Soweto
  8. 6. The 1976 Soweto Uprising. “To Be or Not to Be . . . ?” Article by Nthanyane Maaga, SASM Newsletter, April 1973
  9. Speech by President Nelson Mandela at the unveiling of the tombstone of comrade Joe Slovo Avalon Cemetery, Johannesburg, 4 May 1996

Babanango Valey

Babanango, Kwa-Zulu Natal
  1. Land: dispossession, resistance and restitution
  2. The Zulu kingdom and the colony of Natal

  3. From Warriors to Wage Slaves: The Fate of the Zulu People Since 1879
  4. Shaka Zulu
  5. Copy of the treaty allegedly signed by Dingaan and Retief ceding large tracts of the Zulu Kingdom to the Voortrekkers

Backsberg Estate Cellars Image source

Backsberg Wine Estate & Cellars Farm, Wine Estate

Bainskloof Pass

Bainskloof Pass, Western Cape Monument, Mountain, Pass Western Cape
  1. Ceres, Western Cape Winelands
  2. Ceres Road, entrance to Wolseley

This Museum Showcases Rich BaSotho Culture and Visitors Are Able to Visit Traditional Homestead, That Explain Much of the BaSotho’s History.

Bakone Malapa Northern Sotho Open-Air Museum, in Polokwane Archaeological Site, Heritage Site, Museum, Village Limpopo Historical Site
  1. Museums & archives
  2. Prehistory of the Polokwane/Pietersburg area
  3. The Basotho
  4. Sotho (South Sotho or Basotho)
  5. Polokwane/Pietersburg Timeline 1835-1995

Balfour Cosmos Image source

Balfour, near Johannesburg Mpumalanga

View From Ballito Boardwalk

Ballito, Dolphin Coast- KZN Beach, Holiday Destination, Outdoor Activities Kwazulu Natal
  1. Moses Mabhida Stadium
  2. Moses Mabhida: 1923-1986
  3. Address by President Jacob Zuma at the official launch of the Dube Trade Port and King Shaka International Airport, 8 May 2010, Tongaat, KwaZulu-Natal
  4. Speech on Receiving the Freedom of Durban
  5. Amabedlana, a Mountain in Kwa Zulu Natal
  6. Zimbali Coastal Resort, Ballito

Balule Nature Reserve Image source

Balule Private Game Reserve, Kruger National Park Archaeological Site, Forest, Outdoor Activities, Reserve Mpumalanga
  1. Land needs versus conservation
  2. Partners in conservation
  3. Mozambique
  4. Mkhambathi Nature Reserve
  5. Polokwane Game Reserve
  6. Pilanesberg Game Reserve
  7. President Thabo Mbeki at The Resumption of The Inter-Congolese Dialogue Pilanesberg, February 25, 2002
Facebook Bantu Dramatic Society, Johannesburg Community Hall, Heritage Site Gauteng Historical Site
  1. Black Consciousness Movement (BCM)
  2. The Ideology of the Black Consciousness Movement
  3. Articles & Books on Johannesburg
  4. The Sol Plaatje Memorial Lecture For 1987
  5. A Blackman Speaks of Freedom by Peter Abrahams
  6. Pan-Africanism was Peter Abrahams’ Country by Tyler Flemming (Africa is a Country), 13 February 2017
  7. Sol Plaatje Reconsidered: Rethinking Plaatje’s Attitudes to Class, Nation, Gender, and Empire
  8. 'Native life' 100 after Sol Plaatje published it by Janet Remmington, Brian Willan, Bhekizizwe Peterson (Mail and Guardian), 30 September 2016
  9. Remembering Sol Plaatje as South Africa’s original public educator (The Conversation), 05 October 2016 Barberspan Bird Sanctuary
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Barberton, 'The Gold Rush' Town of Mpumalanga

Barberton, Mpumalanga Mine, Mountain, Prison, Town Mpumalanga Historical Site
  1. Articles & Books on Johannesburg
  2. Kruger National Park
  3. The Gold Rush
  4. Labour and Mining Revolution 1886-1940s
  5. Memorandum from the Transvaal Native Mine Clerks’ Association to the Mining Industry Board, 1922
  6. The mining struggle continues 1946 - 1987
  7. Mining poets
  8. Makhonjwa Mountains, Barbeton

One of the Barnyard Theatre's Image source

Barnyard Theatre's in Cape Town Theatre Western Cape
  1. National Theatre Organisation (1947)
  2. Articles & books relating to Cape Town

Joubert-Tradauw Private Wine Cellar, Barrydale

Barrydale, Cape Overberg Gallery, Outdoor Activities, Town, Wine Estate Western Cape
  1. Montagu, Route 62
  2. Breede River Valley, Route 62
  3. Ashton, Route 62
  4. Caledon, Cape Overberg
  5. KKNK – Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees
  6. Karoo Region, Northern Cape
  7. Mountain Zebra National Park, Karoo Region of Cradock
  8. Oudtshoorn, Western Cape
  9. Western Cape Youth Uprising timeline 1976

Barton Keep Image source

Barton Keep, Jacob Mare Street, Pretoria Monument

St. John's Anglican Church, Bathurst in the Eastern Cape

Bathurst, Eastern Cape Village Eastern Cape
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Bats Cave Trail, near East London

Bats Cave Trail, East London Hiking Trail Eastern Cape
  1. Address by President Nelson Mandela at the commemoration of the twentieth anniversary of Steve Biko’s death East London, 12 September 1997, South Africa
  2. Early hominid discoveries in South Africa and East Africa

Battle of Muizenbueg Image source

Battle of Muizenburg Monument, Muizenburg Battle Site, Monument Western Cape Historical Site
  1. Casa Labia,198 Main Road, Muizenberg
  2. Rhodes Cottage, Main Road, Muizenberg
  3. Beach houses, Main Road, Muizenberg
  4. Rhodes Cottage, Main Road, Muizenberg
  5. Early struggles, contact and conflict in the Cape Colony
  6. South African Defence Force (SADF)
  7. Muizenberg
  8. Yokohama, Muizenburg

The Heritage Site of Baviaanskloof Region

Baviaanskloof Region, Eastern Cape Archaeological Site, Heritage Site, Missionary Station Eastern Cape Historical Site
  1. An Eastern Cape Postscript
  2. Gamtoos River
  3. Karoo Region, Northern Cape
  4. John Thomas Baines
  5. Greyton
  6. Genadendal Historic Village & Museum
  7. Toespraak van President Mandela tydens ‘n besoek ann Genadendal Genadendal, 10 Oktober 1995 Inside the Baxter Theatre Baxter Theatre, Rondebosch- Cape Town Building, Restaurant, Theatre Western Cape
  1. Rondebosch
  2. Groote Schuur Campus, University of Cape Town, Rondebosch
  3. Middle Campus, University of Cape Town, Rondebosch
  4. Rondebosch Fountain, Main Road, Rondebosch.
  5. University of Cape Town, South Africa N.U.S.A.S. “Day of Affirmation” Speech 6 June, 1966, Robert F. Kennedy
  6. Cape Performing Arts Board (CAPAB)
Bay View House, 132 St Georges Street, Simonstown Western Cape
  1. Cape Town, Western Province

Muizenberg beach houses Image source

Beach houses, Main Road, Muizenberg Western Cape
  1. Cape Town, Western Province Bird Walk Path in the Beachwood Mangroves Nature Reserve Beachwood Mangroves Swamp, Durban Beach, Botanical Garden, Bridge, Outdoor Activities, Reserve Kwazulu Natal
  1. Mount Currie Nature Reserve, KZN-Kokstad
  2. Eshowe, Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal
  3. Maps through time, Durban
  4. Riverside Mosque and Mausoleum, Umgeni, Durban

Beau Constantia Vineyard

Beau Constantia, a Cape Town- Wine Estate Farm, Restaurant, Wine Estate Western Cape Renewable Energy
  2. Constantia
  3. Groot Constantia, Constantia Valley
  4. Steenberg Farmstead, Tokai Road, Constantia
  5. Alphen; Constantia Road, Constantia- Cape Town

Beau Soleil bulding Image source

Beau Soleil Music Centre, Salisbury Road, Kenilworth Monument
  1. Cape Town, Western Province
Facebook Main Street of Beaufort West Beaufort West, Cape Town Farm, Municipality, Town Western Cape Historical Site
  1. Fort Beaufort, Amatola District, Eastern Cape
  2. Descriptive handbook of the Cape Colony: its condition and resources by John Noble
  3. Grade 7 - Term 4: Co-operation and conflict on the frontiers of the Cape Colony in the early 19th century Beestekraal Station, a 'Fun Stop', in Beestekraal! Beestekraal, North West Campsite, Heritage Site, Railway Station, Restaurant North West
  1. North West
  2. Vergenoegd
  3. Andries Hendrik Potgieter
  4. The Great Trek by B.P.J. Erasmus - Panorama feature about the Great Trek form 1985 (PDF)
  5. Great Trek 1835-1846
Google A herd of Rhinoceros, After Which Benjani Stream takes its Name Bejani, a tributary of the Sabie River in the North West Railway Siding, Restaurant, River, Settlement North West
  1. North West
  2. Brief Remarks on Zulu Literature
Google An Aerial Shot Of the Suburb of Bellville Bellville, a Suburb of Cape Town Suburb Western Cape
  1. Cape Town, Western Province
  2. Durbanville
  3. Rust-en-Vrede, Wellington Road, Durbanville
google maps

Mount Nelson Hotel, Gardens Cape Town

Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel, Cape Town Holiday Destination, Hotel Western Cape Historical Site
  1. Articles & books relating to Cape Town
  2. Early Resistance, the 1913 Land Act and deputations to London
  3. First Anglo Boer War
  4. Winston Churchill Masakeng Saoli
  5. Black Men in a White Man’s War: The Impact of the First World War on South African Blacks by Albert Grundlingh
  6. The Cape Coloured Corps and the First World War
  7. Responses of different groups in South Africa to the outbreak of the First World War