Experience the warm hospitality and rich Culture of the Basotho people in the 'Bakone Malapa Museum'. The Bakone, a sub-group of the Northern Sotho Cultural group, welcome visitors and will introduce you to their customs as well as give you some insight into a much older way of life!

The Cultural Village offers visitors first hand experience, into the Bakone people! The Cultural Village has been reconstructed in a style, that was typical about 250 Years ago. Run by several Basotho who live in the Village, the centre offers an authentic experience of the Basotho way of life. You can expect to learn how fire is made, how beer is brewed and how maize is ground. A Handcraft demonstrations in such crafts as: woodcarving; pottery; basketry and beadwork are popular. The local craft shop then sells these locally produced crafts, "at a very reasonable price!"

-23° 59' 13.2", 29° 27' 21.6"