Burkina Faso is a small, poor, landlocked country in West Africa. It is bounded by Niger to the east, Mali to the north and west, and Benin... read more
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Chad shares common borders with Libya on the north; Sudan on the east; the Central African Republic on the south; and Cameroon, Nigeria,... read more
The Comoros archipelago African islands are situated in the western Indian Ocean. The Comoros nation became Islamic in the early 16th... read more
Little is known about this east Africa country situated on the Horn of Africa and bordered by Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. Djibouti is... read more
Equatorial Guinea is a West African nation bordering the Bight of Biafra, between Cameroon and Gabon. The earliest indigenous population of... read more
Ethiopia, formerly Abyssinia is a country in the East Africa. It shares its borders with Somalia. The Ethiopian Kingdom was founded in the... read more
On 17 August 1960, Gabon, a country in west central Africa, gained independence from France. It shares common borders with Equatorial... read more
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The Gold Coast was the first British colony in Africa to become independent. After independence, its name changed to Ghana, and the first... read more
Various Sotho societies arrived in Basutoland and Free State areas in the seventeenth century. King Moshoeshoe I united the Sotho tribes... read more
Liberia, which means ‘freedom’ formerly known as the Grain Coast, is one of the few African countries including Ethiopia that... read more
The first people to settle in this country were people related to the San societies found in most parts of Southern Africa. Between the 1st... read more
Frelimo Frelimo was formed in 1962, but was initially faced with internal strife and leadership problems. A successful guerrilla war... read more
Namibia, a former German colony, is situated towards the north west of South Africa. The Orange River marks the border between the two... read more
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The Republic of Congo, also known as Middle Congo, Congo-Brazzaville, and Congo (but not to be confused with the Democratic Republic of the... read more
Rwanda, in central east Africa, was ruled by Tutsi kings before colonialism. In 1899 the country became a German colony during the '... read more
Senegal gain its independence from France after breaking away from the Mali Federation, which was formed by merging Senegal and the French... read more
Sierra Leone is found in West Africa, fronting onto the Atlantic Ocean, and flanked by Liberia and Guinea. The very earliest inhabitants of... read more
The Swazi nation, as we know it today, originally came from Mozambique. Their Nguni ancestors probably moved there before the sixteenth... read more
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Little is known of the ancient history of this narrow, north-south running sub-saharan country before Portuguese explorers arrived.... read more
Milton Obote became the country's first Prime Minister after independence; however, the country's notorious dictator Idi Amin soon... read more