Forced removals on Highveld and “black spots“, 1912-1991

In the early 1960s the Apartheid government moved swiftly to dislodge numerous Black communities on the Transvaal Highveld occupying land in what was considered “White South Africa”. Included among these communities identified for forced removal from designated White areas were the Bakwena ba Mogopa on the farm Swartrand and Bakubung ba Monnakgotla at Boons or Molote... read more
1890 - 1899 1890 January 13-18, Gandhi took Matric exam. January 23-30,Attended Vegetarian Congress at Ventor. February 19, Result of... read more
1870s-1880s Discovery of a reliable water source. "To the present generation Currie's Fountain is but a name which marks the recreation... read more
Celebrating Republic Day 1961 © Bailey's Archives. 1910 First general election that followed the establishment of the Union of South... read more
Late Pleistocene (Early and Middle Stone Age)                    800 000 years  ... read more
This timeline is NOT complete. Any omissions are unintentional as this timeline is a work in progress that will be added to over time.... read more
1600s In the Dutch colonial era, from the 17th century on, indigenous tribes people and slaves imported from the east adapted Western... read more
At the outbreak of the First World War, Germany put into operation the Schlieffen Plan. This plan was based on the assumption that in case... read more
1799 2 March, British government lands troops in Delagoa Bay. Construction begins on the building of Fort Frederick. 1803 Founding of... read more
Introduction Follow this timeline to explore Gandhi’s time in South Africa where he first gained international recognition as a... read more
The Portuguese begin mapping and exploring the South African coastline and basic trading takes place between the Khoikhoi and the Europeans... read more
Historical Context to Paul Kruger 1825 Paul Kruger is born to Casper Jan Hendrik Kruger and Elsie Francina Steyn 1835 Paul Kruger's father... read more
Late Pleistocene (Early and Middle Stone Age)                    800 000 years  ... read more



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