The Battle of Ndondakusuka (Tugela)

The Battle of Ndondakusuka, which occurred on 2 December, 1856, was essentially a battle of succession.  Indecision on the part of King Mpande regarding the successor to his throne resulted in a battle between his two eldest sons, Cetshwayo (the firstborn) and Mbuyazi (also known as Mbulazi). .. read more
Between 1858 and 1868 no less than three battles were fought between the Basotho and the Boers. All three wars were the result of conflict... read more
The British Lions rugby team leaves London to begin a controversial twenty-two-match tour of South Africa and Rhodesia.
In June 1966, Ugandan Prime Minister, Milton Obote announced the proposed division of the province of Buganda into four districts. Ruled by... read more
Chief Kaiser Matanzima announces in Umtata that the Transkei will become fully independent on 26 October 1976.
The first volume of the Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal is published.
A 38 year old South African man, Lance Dyer, was arrested by French police on 09 October 2005 after he walked through the Channel Tunnel... read more
M.C. Botha, Minister of Bantu Administration and Development announced that he will not stand for re-election and will resign as Minister... read more
Augustine Makalakalane, SA Bafana soccer player, is born.
The Hospital and Lunatic Asylum, first civilian hospital in Cape Town, erected by physician Samuel Silverthorne Bailey, is opened.


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