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IFP proposes truce with ANC

Wednesday, 27 November 1985
The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) proposed a truce with the African National Congress (ANC) as an effort to calm violent clashes between members of the two parties. .. read more
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1930 Eli and Olga Goldblatt with their sons Nick, Dan and David (centre), on holiday at Uvongo, Natal, circa 1936 Source: [Photographer... read more
1918 21 October Nontsikelelo Thethiwe was born in the village Camama in the Tsomo district of the Transkei to a very large family. Circa... read more
1902 31 May, The Peace Treaty of Vereeniging ends the Anglo-Boer War that began in 1899. The Treaty is signed between Boer and British... read more
Modern Humans evolve in Africa, including South Africa and the first African people begin to settle in South Africa. Hundreds of years... read more
1497 - 1699 1497 24 December, A flotilla of three Portuguese ships under the command of Capt Vasco da Gama sailed up the eastern seaboard... read more
Professor Bob Hepple was born in Johannesburg, Transvaal (now Gauteng). His father, Alex Hepple, was a trade unionist, Labour Party member... read more
The Portuguese begin mapping and exploring the South African coastline and basic trading takes place between the Khoikhoi and the Europeans... read more
In the early 1960s the Apartheid government moved swiftly to dislodge numerous Black communities on the Transvaal Highveld occupying land... read more