Elijah Barayi was born in Lingelihle, Cradock on 15 April 1930. He was one of eight children of working class parents.  Barayi attended... read more
Fikile Charles Bam was born on 18 July 1937, in Tsolo in the Eastern Cape. He attended St. Peter’s Secondary School from 1956, and went on t... read more
Born in Suffolk, England, in 1870 into a working-class family, he immigrated to South Africa in 1893. He became a railway fitter and in 1902... read more
James E. Kwegyir Aggrey was born in 1875 into a family of chiefs. A Ghanaian-born educator and clergyman, and one of the most eminent Africa... read more
Abdurahman, who was born in Wellington on 18 December 1872 and graduated as a medical doctor from the University of Glasgow in 1893, entered... read more
Jaydew Nasib Singh was born in South Africa about 1920 and graduated in the mid-1940s with a law degree from the University of the Witwaters... read more
He was born in 1913 and became a teacher and later a farmer near Durban. As secretary of the Anti-Segregation Council in the mid-1940s... read more
General Jan Christiaan Smuts was born near Riebeeck West in the Cape Colony on 24 May 1870. His mother taught him the elements of reading an... read more
Vera Ponnen (nee Vera Gwendoline Alberts) was born in 1915 in England. She came to South Africa in 1938 as a governess. The next year,... read more
Gangen George Ponnen was born on 1 June 1913 in the district of Rooikopjes near Durban, in the then Natal (now KwaZulu-Natal). His fath... read more
 Ilse Naude was born in 1913 and grew up on the Moravian mission in Genadendal near Caledon.  After completing secondary education... read more
Fawcett was part of the Ladies’ Committee that was sent over from Britain during the Anglo Boer War in order to inspect the condit... read more