Adam Tas

Names: Tas, Adam

Born: 1668, Holland

Died: 1722

Adam Tas is best known for his involvement in the conflict between Cape Governor Willem Adriaan van der Stel (son of the erstwhile Governor Simon van der Stel) and the Cape free burghers. He became secretary of the "Brotherhood", rebelling against the dictatorial and corrupt VOC administration at the Cape. The burghers held that the VOC's officials were abusing the company's trading monopoly. Tas and another, Henning Husing, took it upon themselves to draft a petition, signed by 63 of the 550 Cape free burghers, which they sent directly to the VOC headquarters in Amsterdam. Of these, 31 were French Huguenots, which was a matter of some concern for the VOC, as Holland was at the time at war with France. They became fearful that French settler dissatisfaction might develop into spying with foreign ships calling at the Cape harbour.