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Donate Now and Support South African History Online (SAHO) – Make History Matter

There are various ways to get financially involved – you can support SAHO by making a personal donation, corporate donation or by leaving a bequest.

Personal Donations

Our easy to use online platform makes donating safe and secure. PayPal will handle your donation. This is a secure payment gateway to process online donations.

Corporate Donations

Corporations and foundations interested in donating to SAHO are requested to contact Omar Badsha, at +27 21 4473434 or e-mail, who will also discuss opportunities for gifts with you. We look forward to hearing from you.


A bequest is a donation from your deceased estate. You can make a bequest in your will to bequeath cash, shares or any other form of property to SAHO. Making a bequest is easy – simply draw up a new will or add a codicil to an existing will. To find out more please contact Omar Badsha on +27 21 4473434 or via e-mail,

Your donation will assist in developing the largest online encyclopaedia and online archive of South African and African History and SAHO’s educational and internship programmes.

Donate Online

Starting with any amount from R50 upwards through bank transfers, debit orders or bank deposits; obtain banking details from Omar Badsha

We deeply appreciate donations of any value and all donations are acknowledged through our partner programme.

The various donor recognition mechanisms include:

SAHO Champion: Donate a minimum of R5-million, payable over an agreed period and be acknowledged on our website and in all our media and events.

SAHO Advocate: Make a significant donation and actively recruit other donors; receive a special mention on the Centre’s website; get a signed limited edition photograph by some of our leading photographers.

SAHO Supporter: Make a donation of any size and actively encourage others to do so; receive a special mention in the Annual Report.

South African History Online is a registered non-profit organisation and complies with all relevant financial regulations.