Pat Boone, American singer, actor and writer, begins a 10-day tour of South Africa


Pat Boone. Source:

Wednesday, 12 July 1961

Charles Eugene Pat Boone is an American singer, actor and writer who was one of the biggest names in the fifties. He was the only artist whose popularity rivaled that of king of rock and roll, Elvis Priestley. Boone was also a good actor and writer. A devout Christian, he was very selective of the roles that he portrayed and would have had no qualms with turning down a role if he felt that it would compromise his religious beliefs.

 In 1961, Boone came to South Africa for a 10 day tour.  In later life he switched from rock and roll to gospel and country music. By the 1970’s he was singing Gospel exclusively. Now in his late seventies,he still performs at art centers and fairs.

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