Loeriesfontein is situated in the Northern Cape. This little Town is situated in the Hantam Municipality, 120 kilometres from Brandvlei. Other nearby towns include Nieuwoudtville and Calvinia.
It has an open Area, which is perfect for Wind Turbines! Wind energy is one of the cleanest and safest methods of generating electricity. 61 Turbines have been installed already by May 2019 and connected to the grid. They have a height of 152m and construction was completed in December 2017. This Wind Farm powers 120 000 homes and has many more benefits like: Job creation; a positive impact on the Ecosystem and has greatly improved the lives of the people who live here!
Whilst the wide spread introduction of an alien plant, the Prosopis tree, has wreaked chaos on our Country’s native plants and broader ecosystem, it however provides benefits such as animal fodder, shade and is a source of business for two Loeriesfontein families who have set up small local enterprises that are able to provide Local employment. These dynamic community entrepreneurs, with their families are behind the commercialization of: "Khobab Firewood". This focusses on the logging of this species from Farms in the Area. Then selling these stockpiles of dried wood for packaging and distribution.
Support of other enterprises extends beyond just providing working capital, it includes: business planning; equipment and business support. These access markets and distribution channels, human resources management, financial management, procurement and other general business administration. 
The Community is also being looked after and protected, through various projects including; The 'Isibindi Safe Park' opened its doors to the community of Loeriesfontein, late 2018 and has already carved a place in the hearts of the wider community where it plays a crucial role. In 2022, National Child Protection Week had a huge impact on the local community. The Safe Park was built to provide a safe and caring environment for children and youth who are especially at risk and vulnerable within the community, of Loeriesfontein. It provides access to the services of family-focused professional Child and Youth Care Workers (CYCWs), offering continuous support to children and families.
Loeriesfontein is also the proud home of one of the World’s only two Windmill Museums. This is called: 'The Fred Turner Museum', it showcases 27 assembled windpumps.
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