Situated in the heart of the Zululand, Inkamana High School was started February 2 in 1923 as an intermediate School with only one class of grade 5 by Benedictine Missionaries from Germany. The new school had 15 pupils, four boys and eleven girls, all from Vryheid and the Paulpietersburg district. They were all boarders at Inkamana. They paid sixpence a month for school fees and brought farm and garden products to pay for their boarding accommodation.
The first Junior Certificate Examination was held at Inkamana in November 1934. The Senior Certificate course at Inkamana began in 1935 and a year later four pupils were preparing for their graduation. However, three of them left. The only remaining student, Ulrica Dzivane, successfully wrote her Senior Certificate Examination in Nov. 1936. Since then the Senior Certificate results have gained for Inkamana the reputation of being one of the best schools in the country. The failure rate was always low. The school recorded a hundred percent pass rate in matric examinations from 1969 until now.
Presently the student enrolment is 200 with one class for each grade. Inkamana High School provides a holistic education and besides providing a good academic training, the school aims at education learners to live as a community founded on mutual respect and responsibility. It is expected that learners look at their education not only as means of their personal advancement but also as a trust and responsibility to work for the good of their fellow men.
As A Benedictine School:
We pray with and for one another.
We endeavour to work to the best of our ability.
We listen to God and to each other.
We treat others with respect and hospitality.
We show respect for the environment.
We take responsibility for ourselves and we are accountable for our choices.
Self-discipline is at the centre of all our behaviour.
We treat others as we would wish to be treated.
We love one another as Christ loved us.
We believe in educating the whole person - body, mind and spirit.
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