Riviersonderend is a small farming Village with a peaceful rural atmosphere, situated on the main Garden Route between Cape Town and Mossel Bay on the N2 - 160 km from Cape Town, and is surrounded with Farms. The Town offers the tranquility of beautiful Mountain and River scenery, a nine hole golf course and a host of other activities. The Town is also only an hour away from several Beaches. There is uncertainty about the origin of the name Riviersonderend. Translated from Dutch and Afrikaans, the name means ‘river without end’. Riviersonderend, is located on a loop of the winding Sonderend River from which it takes its name. Willem ten Rhyne, who visited the cape in 1673, referred to the River, with it's source in the Mountains, as the "sine fine flumen" ("river without end"). In 1707 Jan Hatogh, a Horticulturist, employed by the Dutch East India Company and a seasoned traveler, referred to the River as the "Kanna-Kan-Kann". This word was possibly derived from the Hessequa word "Kamma-Kan Kamma" which, roughly translated, means "water, endless water", (The Hessequa were a local Tribe of herdsmen). Thus there is also the believe, that the name of the Town was derived from the perennial Sonderend River at the foot of the Sonderend Mountains. Riviersonderend, or "Rivier Zonder End" as it was known in earlier days, was established in 1923 when Miss Edith S V McIntyre sold the Farm 'Tierhoek', for 6000 Pounds to the Church Council of the local Dutch Reformed Church when the congregation was established.
Riviersonderend marks the ‘start’ of the Garden Route and even though it isn’t officially on the Route, the Town caters well for travelers who bustle back-and-forth on the freeway, which passes through the Town. Rest Stops and Fueling Points for both car petrol tanks and human tummies in need sustenance on the long road, are on all entry and exit points of the Town!
Riviersonderend is a convenient Base from which to explore the surrounding Countryside and several Tourist Busses make this a stopping point, when passing through the Town. Nature lovers will delight in the magnificent Views across the Riviersonderend Valley. Enjoy the beautiful wildflowers, fynbos, fresh air, Mountains and scenic views that Riviersonderend Mountain has to offer!

19° 54' 28.8", -34° 8' 24"