In 1873, the Town and surrounding Area was densely populated with prospectors all hoping to make their fortunes in the second of the Transvaal Gold Fields. It was estimated that in the beginning of 1874 there were some 1500 prospectors working around 4000 claims! During the Second Boer War (11 October 1899 - 31 May 1902) the Town of Pilgrim’s Rest was the location of a; Mint that was erected under emergency circumstances and the gold mined was used to make what is now the famous and rare; 'Veld Pond Coin'.

Today the Town today, is a tourist Location that takes visitors back in time to the days of the: 'Gold Rush', in the 1870’s. Everyone dresses accordingly to the Historical Era, when it first became a Tourist Attraction, in 1970. It was changed then very little from its Historical History and is now a protected Historical Site. In 1986 the Town was declared a National Monument.

-24° 54' 13.6736", 30° 45' 1.4053"