Graskop is a small Forestry Town, perched on the edge of the Drakensberg Escarpment, a region of Mpumalanga. Graskop is only a few minutes drive from a number of scenic wonders such as: God's Window; Bourke's Luck Potholes and the World renown, Blyde River Canyon and Three Rondawels, as well as spectacular waterfalls such as Lisbon Falls; Berlin Falls and Mac Mac Falls. Graskop is at an altitude of 1,400 m above sea level, has a temperate climate with a high rainfall and is often misty in the Summer months. Graskop is a popular tourist destination and is renown for it's pancake bars and curio shops!
Admire a naturally carved, free-standing rock buttress at The Pinnacle Rock, near Graskop. It is a metamorphic rock fringed with vegetation arising from a forest. An observation deck with metal railing allows you to take some good panoramic photos of this 30 m tall quartzite tower, set against the backdrop of a huge crack in the cliff behind. As you stand at the viewpoint, you'll observe this intriguing rock formation fringed with vegetation slightly from above. To the right of the column, you'll notice a small waterfall tumbling into the Ngwaritsane Stream.

30° 49' 22.8", -24° 56' 24"