Ebenezer was established in 1831 as a station of the Rhenish Missionary Society. The 1875 census indicated that the Village had a population of 291. It was visited by James Backhouse in March 1840, when he reported that: "The missionary-station of Ebenezer, was an original kraal of (Khoikhoi); it was secured to them along with a tract of land, by the Government, which also gave a charge over it to the Rhenish Missionary Society. Several of the people were living in huts built of reeds, which were more substantial dwellings than mat huts, but not transportable.

The name is of biblical origin, (1 Samuel 7:12) and means 'stone of help'. Also spelt 'Ebenhaesar' or 'Ebenhaezer'. 

Ebenezer Dam is a popular and particularly pretty dam visited often by locals and visitors for picnics, camping, birding, fishing and boating. The early morning mists that tend to cover the Dam lend a mysterious atmosphere to the first part of the day, and that can make it chilly.

Once a year is the famous 'Ebenezer Mile', a mile swim that takes place on the third Saturday of March at the Mountain Yacht Club, on the Dam.

Ebenezer has a large surface area of 386ha (roughly a third of the size of 'Hartbeespoort Dam') and supplies water to Tzaneen and the surrounding area.

-23° 56' 27.6", 29° 58' 55.2"