Last name First name Synopsis
Partridge Bridget

South African photographer, member of Afrapix collective, musician

Pheto Molefe

Molefe Pheto is a South African musician and music teacher. He was an activist in the Black Consciousness Movement and former political prisoner.

Pheto Pule

Pule Pheto is a jazz pianist and composer who is known for his songwriting and improvised jazz performances.

Phiri Raymond

 Musician, awarded the Order of Ikhamanga in Silver for his excellent achievement in the field of music and his contribution to the struggle against apartheid

Pukwana Mtutuzeli

Pianist, Saxophonist and Composer.

Rathebe Dolly


Rubin Harold

South African artist, teacher, jazz musician and architect

Sampson Vicky

Singer, performer, Co-Director at Mzanzi Cultural Industries 

Searelle William

Composer, dramatist, impresario and South African theatrical pioneer in the English language

Sekoto Jan

South African artist and musician

Shabalala Joseph


Singana Margaret


Sontonga Enoch

Choirmaster, poet, preacher, composer and author of the first stanza of "Nkosi Sikelel ‘iAfrika," the anthem South Africa adopted after its first democratic elections in 1994

Tladi Lefifi Poet, musician, painter, historian, teacher, philosopher
Tyamzashe Benjamin John Peter

Composer, Choir Conductor, Organist and Teacher

Zaidel-Rudolph Jeanne

Pianist and Composer