Idara Akpan

Idara Akpan is a sophomore studying advertising and broadcast journalism. She has thoroughly enjoyed deeply learning about South African history.

Project: The 1956 Women’s March

Reid Arnold

Reid Arnold is an Engineering major at Southern Methodist University.

Project: Strong and Unnoticed: The Women of the UDF

Andrew Bohannon

Andrew Bohannon is a sophomore at SMU, majoring in business. He is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota and enjoys college football, fishing, and flying.

Project: Women in the Cities and the Resistance Movement

Caitlin Chapman

Caitlin Chapman is a sophomore from Portland, Oregon majoring in Public Relations and Strategic communications. She enjoys traveling and spending time with friends and family.

Project: Women’s Workplace Oppression in 1970s South Africa

Nicole Dellaportas

Nicole Dellaportas is from Chicago, Illinois and she is currently a sophomore Finance major at Southern Methodist University.

Project: Women’s Role in the Negotiations

Bennett Gwynn

Bennett Gwynn is a second year student from Atlanta, Georgia. He is studying Business with a minor in Psychology. He enjoys playing with his dogs and watching movies.

Project: Overcoming Adversity from All Angles: The Struggle of the Domestic Worker during Apartheid

Skylar Jayes

Skylar Jayes is from Greenwich, Connecticut, majoring in psychology and minoring in advertising and religious studies. She plans to get her masters in psychology and hopes to work specifically with children with learning disabilities.

Project: Federation of South African Women

Connor Kirkpatrick

Connor Kirkpatrick is a sophomore student at Southern Methodist University. Connor is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. He enjoys going to concerts, watching football, and being out on the water.

Project: Mariam Makeba: Activist on Two Fronts

Meghan Knapp

Meghan Knapp is a sophomore studying Mathematics at Southern Methodist University. Meghan is originally from Los Angeles, California and loves to try travel and try new food.

Project: The ANC Women’s League in the Struggle for Women’s Rights in South Africa

Peter LaNasa

Pete LaNasa is a sophomore finance and economics double major at Southern Methodist University. In my spare time I enjoy playing golf, tennis, and soccer.

Project: The Rise of Women’s Trade Unionism in South Africa

Alexandra Larkin

Alexandra Larkin is a sophomore at Southern Methodist University. She is from Baltimore, Maryland and is majoring in Economics..

Project: Ramifications of South Africa’s Dop System

Justin Lawler

Justin Lawler is a sophomore at Southern Methodist University. He plays for the SMU football team.

Project: History of Women in Prisons during Apartheid

Cole Morgan

Cole Morgan is from Van, Texas. He enjoys scuba diving, golfing, offshore fishing and studying horology.

Project: Elizabeth Davenport: A teacher and member of the Black Sash

Nehal Patel

Nehal Patel is a sophomore at Southern Methodist University from Saint Louis, Missouri. He is a pre-law student studying Finance and Philosophy. He enjoys long walks on the beach and eating pancakes.

Project: Gertrude Fester Biography

Jarvis Pruitt

Jarvis Pruitt is a sophomore at Southern Methodist University where he is a sociology major. He plays for the SMU football team.

Project: Ruth Robb (Black Sash)

Sarah Rahimi

Sarah Rahimi is a Junior at Southern Methodist University, where she is pursuing a major in History and a minor in Education. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Sarah plans to finish her studies and work as an elementary teacher. After gaining some work experience, she is planning to pursue a Master’s in Education. Sarah is passionate about children and spreading happiness and knowledge to people around her. She has always been fascinated by history and finds feminist and minority history particularly interesting. In her free time, Sarah likes to participate in community service and spend time with friends and family.

Project: Zarina Maharaj Biography

Nick Reed

Nick Reed is a junior sociology major at Southern Methodist University. He plays for the SMU football team and loves to play tennis.

Project: Women’s Revolts in Natal: 1959

Jerry Saena

Jerry Saena is a Southern Methodist University sophomore from American Samoa majoring in Sport Management. He plays football and liked reading Peter Abrahams’ Mine Boy.

Project: Ruth First Untold

Ashley Schumacher

Ashley Schumacher is a junior originally from North Palm Beach, Florida. She is now pursuing a degree at SMU in International Studies, Human Rights, and Business. She is interested in traveling around the world and interacting with different people and cultures.

Project: The Black Sash Organisation: A History of Transformation

Carly Spagnola

Carly Spagnola is a junior at Southern Methodist University studying International Studies and Human Rights. Born and raised in San Francisco, California she is interested in promoting primary and secondary education around the world through non-profit and corporate social responsibility work.

Project: SPEAK Magazine

Devon Wall

Devon Wall is a senior at Southern Methodist University, majoring in History and Philosophy. She plans to continue studying history in graduate school, and hopes to eventually teach the subject.

Project: Customary Law in South Africa: Historical Development as a Legal System and its Relation to Women’s Rights

Claire Wilt

Claire Wilt is a sophomore from Denver, Colorado. She is majoring in Biology at Southern Methodist University with plans to pursue a career in the medical field.

Project: Indanda Seminary and its Influence on Education in South Africa

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