The little Town of White River - an important Farming and tourism centre - was founded around 1890. It’s proximity to the Kruger National Park renders it a great base from which to explore the Park and other undiscovered gems in the Area. The Farming tradition of the people that settled in White River, after the Anglo-Boer War, have remained practically the same to this day. The Area still attracts many who wish to witness this culture first hand and learn more about a place such as this which is virtually untouched! Agriculture, in this Area relies largely on the production of tropical fruit, flowers and timber. It is one of the largest in the Mpumalanga Province and is therefore extremely important to the economy of the Region!
White River is a favourite holiday destination for both locals and foreign tourists looking to enjoy the beauty of the Crocodile River Valley and with three irrigation Dams and a number of nearby Forests there is plenty for outdoor adventures for all types to enjoy. Fun activities in White River include visiting the St. Georges Anglican Church, visiting the Mission End Trading Post from which you can pick up antiques and treasures!
There’s also the Lowveld Botanical Garden and the Reptile Park which will keep children entertained for hours. White River often doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves. This is a fantastic get away place, with plenty to see and do, wonderful friendly residents and your very own piece of privacy from the world!
This friendly community of artists, artisans and farmers will have you visually inspired and ready to sample their creative designs and fresh produce at any of the galleries, studios, craft markets, cafés and restaurants you find there. The high level of Kaolin (China clay) deposits gives the river that skirts the town its name. In Swazi it is known as 'Mhloppemanzi' (which means white waters) and in Afrikaans, it is referred to as Witrivier.

30° 58' 40.8", -25° 20' 2.4"