Viljoensdrift is a family owned farm and winery with brothers Fred and Manie Viljoen at the helm. Manie, as viticulturist, manages the vines and deciduous fruit, while Fred works his magic in the cellar. The first generation 'Viljoen's, or Villion' as these French Huguenots were called, planted vines for wine and brandy making way back in 1818. Five generations later, the Viljoen family are still producing grapes which they now cultivate into their own wines!
In 1998 Fred and Manie opened the cellar door after 30 years of supplying grapes to the local co-op and now they are reaping the benefits of their commitment to and passion for wine making. They have since then re-aligned Viljoensdrift to focus to own label production and has entered the market place, locally and internationally with resounding success.
The conservation of their unique environment is an integral part of the farming philosophy of the Viljoen's. A young Fred studied Nature Conservation at the Cape Technikon and today, armed with knowledge and passion, the conservation of Viljoensdrifts natural habitats runs like a golden thread throughout their farming and winemaking operation.
The Farm straddles the Breede River and although most of the riparian areas along this river have been transformed for agricultural purposes, a pristine section of indigenous vegetation can still be found here.
The Viljoen's treasure this area where beautiful old Breede River Yellowwood, Wild Olive and White Olein trees create an excellent habitat for various water birds, including the awe-inspiring Fish Eagle.
Besides crafting exquisite wines on the farm, a significant amount of energy goes into their fruit production operation, with apricots and peaches grown mainly for canning purposes.

19° 59' 6", -33° 52' 4.8"