Vaalkop is known as: "an Anglers Dream", it is situated 54 km North of Britz, near Beestekraal and North-East of Rustenburg, in typical 'broken Bushveld Country'. It is renowned as both an anglers and birdwatching destination. To reach Vaalkop take the R511 road North from Britz for 35 km to a sign indicating: 'Beestekraal'. Turn left and continue 4km to a sign indicating Vaalkop Dam to the right. Travel a further 11km to the entrance to the Vaalkop Dam and Magalie's Water Project complex on the left and continue to the Reserve entrance gates and Dam Wall. The climate is generally mild to hot but Winter can be extremely cold. The Crocodile River Valley is malaria free. Accommodation takes the basic form of a campsite where basic amenities for campers are provided. Raw water is abstracted from the Vaalkop Dam in the Crocodile River catchment area. The raw water is then abstracted to the Vaalkop Water Treatment Plant, which has a design capacity of 240ML/day for treatment and purification purposes. The water is then distributed to the North West and Limpopo Provinces. Fish species include carp and yellowfish which are plentiful, making Vaalkop a particularly attractive angling destination. The birdlife includes over, 340 different- bird species!
-25° 20' 20.4", 27° 24' 10.8"