The vast expanse of water which is the Sterkfontein Dam lies a few kilometers from the edge of the Drakensberg Escarpment in the topmost reaches of the Vaal Dam catchment on the Nuwejaarspruit. The cool, fresh, deep waters are ideal for trout and other fish and it is a popular angling spot. It is the third largest dam in South Africa providing a perfect playground for sailing and other water-sports. The surrounding landscape is scenically stunning - characterized by rugged Mountains, lush ravines and rolling Grasslands.
In this beautiful setting is the Sterkfontein Dam Reserve covering 18 000 hectares. Perfect for long walks, hiking (there is a two-day hiking trail) and biking, it also offers excellent game viewing and bird watching. You can tick off Oribi, Reedbuck, Mountain Reedbuck, Grey Reedbuck, the blue and White bellied Korhaan, the bald ibis, the Buff-streaked chat, the ground woodpecker, and the sentinel. Gaze up to the sky and you could spot Cape and bearded vultures, as well as black and martial eagles soaring. Secretary birds can also be spotted in treetops or stalking in the grasslands.
The precipitous Ravines are populated with yellowwood, Koko, Wild Peach, silky bark, and black bark trees as well as bush Guarri. Wild grapes have grown up into the tops of the trees forming a dense canopy of leaves. Fungi and lichen sit against rotten and living tree trunks alike. The mountain slopes are adorned with wild myrtle, silver Sugar-bush Ouhout, Highveld Protea, Redwood, Hush Guarri, and the Tree Fern.

29° 1' 12", -28° 26' 52.8"