The Museum houses some of the finest examples of African artefacts, such as: beadwork, headrests, milk pails, snuff containers, tobacco pipes, telephone wire baskets, clay pots, ceremonial attire and medicinal items dating back to the mid-19th Century. We have a particular love and interest for all people and things creative, how they are made, their beauty and their function. We exist to treasure, share and inspire. The Phansi Museum houses some of the largest collections of traditional arts, crafts and artefacts in South Africa.

Life size dolls showing ceremonial wear from different regions and cultures of South Africa are on display as are examples of beadwork dating back to the 19th century. Head rests, meat platters, carved spoons and Zulu pots are also displayed.
The museum is housed in Roberts’ House, which was built in 1898 and was home to Esther Roberts, one of South Africa’s first female anthropologists. The coffee shop, ‘Ikhishi’, is open for refreshments and light lunches on Mondays to Fridays from 11h00 to 15h00.
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