Think of Fishermen and Fishing Boats, hardy Fynbos growing on whites Dunes, and of Bokkoms (dried Fish), drying in the wind. Paternoster, one of the Oldest Villages in the West Coast Area encapsulating this sun-beaten dream, perfectly.
All the Buildings have the same white-washed facade. Amidst this sea of white, there are flashes of colour; like the bright yellow shutters of the Town’s Library, or the engine red of Die Winkel op Paternoster’s, front door. Or even, the lacquered shine of the toffee apples we see many children munching on in the sun.
There isn’t too much going on here, but that’s the point isn’t it? Aside from long, unspoilt Beaches, it’s the Restaurants that pull in the crowds. Something of a gourmet hotspot, this seaside Village, has at least five incredible Restaurants.
Managing to resist the urge to shell out any money for a seaside souvenir, we head out back into the salty sunshine, and walk towards Paternoster se Padstal. You can’t miss it. Draped with green fishing nets, and decorated with big orange life buoys and rusted maritime antiques; you’ll find pickled chilli mussels, bokkoms, jams, and even T-shirts in its briny depths. Across the Road is the Stone Fish Studio a beautiful dry-stone Building is a working; Ceramic Sculpture Studio, and houses originals by Artists such as: Hennie Meyer; Theo Paul Vorster and Judy Woodbourne.
Just five minutes away is the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve. Home to infamous Bay, Tietiesbaai, here you can rough it at The Beach Camp, which has Kayaking and Surfing Facilities. The Reserve has the last manned lighthouse, in South Africa. It was built on Castle Rock in 1936. We drive past its red Beacon and into the scrubby Veld. A local delicacy Dune Spinach, grows wild here and the numerous Coves, Inlets and Bays are brimming with Life. Along the Coast to the main Beach, you’ll find Fishermen at the Gutting Stations with fresh fish and Crayfish to sell, at very affordable prices.
One the way out local kids line the Streets with wire hearts, threaded with Shells and it's only a 90 minute Drive from Cape Town. 
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