The rich natural Heritage of the Lowveld includes the world-famous Kruger National Park. This region differs from the rest of the Limpopo Province and is loved for its scenic Valleys, Mountains and lush Vegetation.
The Baobab Tree or 'Adansonia Digitata', is found all along the Olifants River! It is also one of the trees in Africa with the longest life span! The average age of the Baobabs found in the Northern parts of Limpopo are between 300 and 500 years old.
The great Olifants River which nourishes the Kruger National Park, forming the Southern border of the Limpopo province. This valley forms part of the Northern most section of the Drakensberg, and the Lowveld does not end in Mpumalanga, but stretches further North and surrounds many Town's in Limpopo.
The rest camps in the Northern part of Kruger are part of the Province and a series of exclusive private game reserves adjacent to the Park guarantee a luxurious wildlife experience. The Olifants Valley is teeming with a variety of wildlife, and is known for its spectacular scenery, Mountains, Rivers, Dams, History and Cultural Attractions.

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