The Eastern Cape Wild Coast runs along a rugged coast of untouched shorelines, Shipwrecks and traditional Xhosa Culture. From marine safari activities to local Cultural encounters and adrenaline outdoor, adventures, the Wild Coast shows off it's exquisite Coastal scenery and outdoor excursions. (There will be something for the whole family!)
Morgan Bay takes its name from A.F. Morgan who was Master, of the Royal Naval ship:' Barracouta'. This ship was used in the survey of this Coast of South East Africa in 1822, under the command of Captain W.F. Owen. Then on the 26 August,2022 it was announced: “There was a need for the name changes as this is part of a government programme to transform South Africa’s heritage landscape. The names of places we live in reflect the identity and cultural heritage of the people of South Africa,” said minister Nathi Mthetwa. The Town will now be known as Gxarha.

Far from the stresses of City life, it's the perfect place to unwind and enjoy some well-earned relaxation, breathe in the fresh sea air and forge fond memories and strong friendships. Therefore, Morgan' Bay has become a favourite holiday destination with generations of South African families, who are lured back here year after year, and it’s not hard to see why because there is the particularly excellent beach as well. This Beach, is regularly patrolled by lifeguards during the festive season, and shallow swimming Lagoon. During the day you can gaze at passing ships on the horizon, relax on the Beach with a book, play a round of golf at Kei Mouth Country Club, or take a walk along the beach, the picturesque cliffs and the Bushbuck Trail at Yellowwood Forest. There are several good fishing spots in the Area and ski-boats can be launched from the Mouth of the nearby; Kei River.
Morgan Bay boasts over 280 species of Bird with Habitats ranging from back gardens to the banks the Lagoon, municipal Dam, the Beach, Cliffs, rolling grasslands and coastal and riverine Forests.
Activities for the adventurous include rides along the Morgan Bay Beach and Cliffs with Wild Coast Horseback Adventures, game drives at Endalweni Private Game Reserve, Township tours or rock climbing and abseiling with Rock Face Labs, for the more adventurous. The Morgan Bay Hotel; has a climbing wall and mountain bikes, canoes, body boards, stand ups, surfboards and sand boards are available for hire.
There are three Restaurants in Morgan Bay, each with their own unique character. For a relaxed Forest setting, head down to the Tea Garden & Pizzeria at Yellowwood Forest, beautiful ocean and cliff vistas can be enjoyed at the 'Seaspray' Restaurant at the Mitford Hotel, or enjoy the open-air beach and sea views at The Deck Restaurant & Bar at the Morgan Bay Hotel. Afterwards, those that are in need of some pampering, can enjoy spa treatments at the Milkwood Spa at the Morgan Bay Hotel or foot massages at "The Mudhutter's".

Slightly further afield, and only a short drive over the cliffs from Morgan Bay, takes you to the Double Mouth Nature Reserve and the ever-popular Bead Beach (Treasure Beach), site of a 17th Century Portuguese Shipwreck, where Carnelian Beads, Money Cowries and shards of broken Ming Porcelain lie scattered amongst the shells. This stretch of coastline is not called "The Wild Coast" for nothing. For sailors, it has a bad reputation, sudden storms, wild winds, heavy seas with the occasional "freak wave" have claimed many ships and it has earned its title over and over again. Most shipwrecks are quickly forgotten, but a few live on in the collective memory. They are remembered because of loss of life; others on account of the horror; a few due to the adventures of the survivors; but the most famous always involve either mysterious disappearances, or treasure!
"At night you can lie relaxed in comfortable accommodation while being hypnotised by the dull roar of the sea, glorious stars and the intermittent beam of the Cape Morgan Lighthouse across the bay!" This fully automated lighthouse was built in 1964 and is one of only 4 lighthouses along the Wild Coast. The lantern sits atop a 12-metre lattice tower and is visible for 24 sea miles. It is a 3km walk or drive along the Coastline from Kei Mouth. A path leads down from there to some good fishing spots, before carrying on to Morgan Bay.

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