The Battle of Mhlatuze River was a battle fought between the Zulu and Ndwandwe tribes in 1820, following the Zulu Civil War. The Ndwandwe hierarchy was a largely scattered population after this Battle. The Ndwandwe, with the Mthethwa, were a significant power in present-day Zululand, at the turn of the Nineteenth Century. Under the leadership of King Zwide, the Ndwandwe Nation destroyed the Mthethwa under their king Dingiswayo, and the power vacuum was filled by Shaka Zulu and the Zulu tribe. Zwide makes a mistake by thinking that he can surprise Shaka, and hastily sends off his much greater army to fight the Zulu. In one mighty battle, Soshangana and Zwangendaba fight for Zwide and the Ndwandwe. They faced Shaka, and Mzilikazi (Zwide’s grandson) and Dingane are two of his officers.
-28° 44' 27.6", 31° 26' 13.2"