Lichtenburg is a Town situated, in North West Province of South Africa. It is the Administrative Centre of Ditsobotla Local Municipality.

The Town was established in 1873 and was named by: the Transvaal President, Thomas François Burgers. 'Lichtenburg', Meaning: 'Town of Light'.

On the 13 March 1926, Jacobus Voorendyk, discovered a diamond on his Family Farm and within 12 months there were 108,000 fortune seekers on the scene. The resulting diamond rush lasted, ten Years. The main economic activity is the production of maize (corn) and meat. Lichtenburg lies in the heart of the maize triangle, which is the main maize growing Area in South Africa. Another major economic activity is the production of cement. Within an 80 kilometres (50 mi) radius of Lichtenburg there are three major cement producers, which creates opportunities for long distance transport and related businesses.

The principal crops that are grown here include maize, groundnuts and sunflower seeds. Lichtenburg is situated in the newly named; 'DR NGAKA MODIRI MOLEMA DISTRICT'. Lichtenburg is a Town full of rich History. The activities and attractions available with excite all History enthusiasts and there are also some outdoor activities for the adventure-seekers. History-lovers would of definitely enjoyed the Ampie Bosman Cultural History Museum. This museum had details of the History of the Town’s founding and sociological background of its multicultural inhabitants.... (READ INSTAGRAM ARTICLE IN FURTHER READING)

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