KaNyamazane, previously known as Lekazi, was established as a labour reserve, and was then zoned to fall within the Kangwane homeland. The first primary school, Thandilwazi was built in 1972.
It is situated 2.5 km from Mthethomusha Game Reserve, in the Western corner of Kruger National Park; which is roughly 25 km East of Nelspruit, in the Mpumalanga Province. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and lush vegetation. KaNyamazane is an urban-rural township and was established as a labour reserve in 1978 and was then zoned to fall within the Kangwane Homeland. It was part of a housing project for the employees of a mining processing company based in Nelspruit. Today it is a Township which homes 11 814 families. The young people of KaNyamazane are thriving to put this township on the map with their aspirations and ideas that will one day transform this place into a business hub rightly blessed with everything nature has to offer. In the vicinity is the Mbombela Stadium. Mbombela Stadium is a multi -purpose sport facility that was constructed for the 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer Tournament. Four 2010 World Cup Matches took place at the stadium!

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