Kamieskroon, in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, situated just South of Springbok.

Kamieskroon is set among the granite rock formations of the Kamiesberg Range in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. Its origins lie in the 1860's. It is 7 kilometers North of its present position. It took the name Bowesville (later Bowesdorp), after the district surgeon, Dr Henry Bowe. (As there was little room to expand in the narrow kloof, the Town occupied.) The Church Council decided, in 1924, to rebuild it at Kamieskroon. Kamies might derive from the Nama word ‘kam’, meaning two - referring to the twin Peaks of the Mountain. The ‘kroon’, a 330m peak crowned with a huge, cleft rock, is a kilometre from the Village.

-30° 12' 41.2556", 17° 53' 53.1365"

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