The Living Museum of the Ju'Hoasani is situated in the small Village Grashoek, about halfway between Grootfontein and Tsumkwe, North of the the C44. The Living Museum was the first Living Museum of Namibia! It is a highlight in Tourism in Namibia as well as a good example for a sustainable development of the Bushmen Community. The Living Museum is an authentic open-air Museum where guests can learn a lot about the traditional Culture and the original way of living of the San. The Ju'Hoasani people demonstrate and describe everything with great dedication and the guide translates into English. Almost every offered program is interactive, because it is also great fun for the Ju'Hoasani when the visitors try to shoot an arrow, experience the special Ju'Hoasani rope skipping or try to sing an original song. "... We have 25 actors in our Museum. When the visitors come to see and understand our Culture, the guests but also our children learn about the old traditions which is very important for our community." :Tsamkxao, Manager of the Living Hunter's Museum.

14° 20' 60", -20° 33' 43.2"