JAGERSFONTEIN is home to one of the oldest and largest, diamond Mine holes' in the World. This Town is located South-West of Bloemfontein. A 50-carat diamond was found on a Farm in 1870, which led to the establishment of the Town in 1882. The Jagersfontein Mine was were, one of the first 'kimberlite pipes' was discovered in South Africa, (its discovery coinciding with the discovery of Bultfontein and Dutoitspan). This was discovered by JJ de Klerk, who at that time, was the overseer of the Jagersfontein Farm. The second and eighth largest rough diamonds ever discovered in the World were taken from this mine. The Excelsior of 995 carats (in 1893) and the Reitz of 650 carats (in 1895 they were cut into the 'Jubilee Diamond'). In 1870 the pit was hand-dug for 39 years until 1909. Due to the Great Depression, the Mine closed in the early 1930's and reopened in the late 1940's. Thereafter it remained in service until 1973, when the operation was finally shut down!

For many years, Mine workers migrated between the diamond Mines in Jagersfontein and the nearby Town of Koffiefontein. These Towns are now Home to many retired mine workers and their families.

-29° 46' 14.8466", 25° 26' 54.5082"