"Houtbaai" (Wood Bay) as it was named by the Dutch settlers while they explored the Bay behind Table Mountain. Its beautiful heavily wooded Valley became the main source of timber for the building and repairs of ships and also for buildings such as the Castle of Good Hope. Protective Mountains and a good fishing Area surround Hout Bay. The fishing village of Hout Bay was probably established in about 1867 when a German immigrant, Jacob Trautmann, began to Farm and fish in the Area. Its name dates back to 1653, and relates to the quantity of excellent timber which early Dutch settlers found to be growing in its ravines.

It is also known as: the "Republic of Hout Bay and has a President and Passport! (This a Tourism Ploy, organized by the Local Rotarian Residents!)

They are also famous for the "Fish and Chips" in the Harbour Area!

-34° 2' 56.4576", 18° 19' 9.4269"