A Village that is inundated with History and very quicky being modernized but will always keep it's charm!
The name "Hazyview" aptly describes the hazy, lazy days during summers, typical of the African Bushveld whilst on Safari. Hazyview is central to the Kruger Lowveld Region of Mpumalanga and very near to several Gates to the Kruger National Park. It is located amongst sub-tropical fruit orchards, renowned for its large banana and macadamia nut industries, contributing about 20% of South Africa's bananas and 30% of macadamia output. Originally a stop over and trading post for explorers, travelers and adventurers, it remains a firm favourite with the outdoor crowd. A shimmering heat haze, hanging over town in summer gave it its name, still the beautiful surroundings and laid-back lifestyle, attract artists and creative souls to this, lush haven!

Situated only 13 km from the Kruger National Park, the area surrounding Hazyview is home to half of South Africa's butterfly and bird species, more than 150 mammals and around 3 000 plant species. 

Hazyview was officially recognised in 1959, after the first post office and railway stop was established in the area. It originally served as a trading post due to its location that met in the middle of six main roads connecting the Province. Before the Town was officially recognised, it was just a culmination of a few farming Areas and a Trading Post.

In 1955, the 'Sabi-Sands Co-operative' was established and this led to Mr. Peter Bathelder negotiating to build the first business complex in Hazyview. Most of the Town’s History is based on the development of the Sabi Sands Game Farm, the original name for the Kruger National Park, and its development from the mid-20th Century.

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