The Orange River, Southern Africa’s longest waterway, rises high in the Drakensberg Mountains of Lesotho, only 195 km from the Indian Ocean. Flowing 2 300 km, West to the South Atlantic, carrying precious fresh water into an otherwise parched land! The large, catchment area of the river ensures a strong flow year-round, so the river remains fresh almost to its mouth. This prevents the development of many of the salt-loving plants and salt-resistant animals found typically in the marshes of a River Delta.
The Orange has been called ‘The River of Diamonds’, stones from the heart of Africa have been carried its length, passing through the delta and into the ocean, where strong currents carry them Northwards and cast them up onto the beaches. Access to that Area is restricted by diamond-mining companies, even though much of the search for precious stones has now moved offshore. As a result, huge stretches of land that have been off-limits to the public for many years, remain pristine. When existing mining concessions run out, it is likely that much of this land will become a Public Park!
The Orange River spills out on the border of South Africa and Namibia. Although it passes through no major cities it plays a major role in the South African economy by providing irrigation to the vital farmlands. Many tours are offered, that include the Orange River, an overnight on the banks with a fire and good friends will create memories that will last you a lifetime. The Orange River tours are famous for canoeing that occurs on the world famous rapids of the region. The tours don’t include full white water rafting adventures however on some of the Nomad Tours Orange River adventures you will have opportunity to enjoy canoeing on the river during the time that you overnight on the river banks. The Orange River forms part of the North West border of South Africa and therefore all of our tours that go to Namibia will cross the Orange River, and on most of them we will overnight at a camp on the banks of the Orange River.The magnificent beauty that is found on the banks of the river is, awesome! There are over 142 different species of birds that can be seen. This Orange River travel, gives you the amazing experience of a gentle paddle down the river in canoes that are provided by the camp site. Or you can spend the afternoon soaking up the sun on the river bank. However you choose to spend your Orange River stay during the Nomad tour you will be guaranteed to enjoy it!

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