If you leave the "Mother City" of South Africa and follow the M3 towards Muizenberg, you will have a great view of the Coasts of False Bay (Afrikaans: Valsbaai) at the end of the route. Bartolomeu Diaz, the first European seafarer anchored off the coast of South Africa, described the False Bay as "Gulf between the Mountains", in 1488. False Bay owes its name to the erroneous beliefs of sailors at the time of the first circumnavigation of Africa, whose disappointment was great when they realized they had not yet circumnavigated the Cape and thus had not reached Cape Town. The False Bay is about 41 km wide and is falsely often assigned to the Indian Ocean. However, here also the Atlantic, which is however usually a few degrees warmer than on the West Coast of the Cape Peninsula.
Especially during the African Summer months, the beaches of the False Bay are popular with bathers and tempt with pleasant,              + 20 ° C. This is due to strong winds from the "Southeaster", which bring the upper, warm water layers directly into the Bay.
Along the bay there are many different villages, each of which is attracted by its own beauty. A visit is worthwhile every time, as the coastal Town is on the tour to the Cape of Good Hope.
-34° 12' 45.8617", 18° 22' 1.1246"