On the border of Limpopo and Mpumalanga, South Africa. The caves, today are declared a National Monument. These Caves are found near Ohrigstad and were opened as a tourist attraction in 1959. 

The Echo Caves made up of some of the oldest limestone caves in the World. It was founded in 1923 by the owner of the Farm-'Klipfonteinhoek', whilst he was searching for water. His cattle had mysteriously disappeared into the Cave. After following after his cattle he discovered the most exquisite gems of nature!

The name 'Echo', was given to the Caves as a certain stalactite formation, produces a distinctive echoing sound when tapped on. This echo can still be heard on the outside of the caves, to this day and the caves are said, to stretch for over 40km. They are also called by this name because the Local people used to use the stalactites as a drum to warn of any approaching Swazis. As these caves stretch for quite a distance the sound travelled a long way and the natives could take refuge in the caves. 

The spectacular limestone and dripstone structures inside these natural Caverns, make for interesting imaginary figures which can be seen in chambers throughout The Cave, as it winds through the Mountain. The end of the Cave has not yet been found and it is said that the end of the Echo Caves is somewhere close to the 'Strijdom' Tunnel.

Experience of the Echo Caves can be done- comfortably and safely, from walkways with electric lights, railings and staircases that have been installed for safety and convenience. The Caves have further Historical significance in that prehistoric items and artifacts dating back to the Stone Age have been found here. These are now housed inside the nearby; 'Museum of Man'. If you stay on the Farm, you can also hike in the surrounding Mountains, which are part of the Northern Drakensberg range, and are also home to rare birds like the elusive; 'Blue Swallow'.

-24° 33' 39.6", 30° 26' 9.6"