The South African Missionary Society, established a ministry in Wagenmakers­vallei in 1796 and ministered to slaves and to detribalised Khoikhoi people who worked as labourers to settler farmers. In 1820 they were succeeded by the Dutch Reformed congregation of Paarl and a small rectangular, thatched-roof church was built. This little church, the oldest in the district, is a landmark in the history of mission work in South Africa. It is still used by the people of Bovlei
The Bovlei Mission Church near Wellington has an interesting bell tower. The bell itself seems to be well-made with a wealth of moulding wires but unfortunately no indication on founder or founding year.

It was declared a National Monument under old NMC legislation on 17 June 1977.

-33° 22' 12", 19° 6'