Cullinan boasts a rich History of more than 100 Years. Cullinan became famous with the discovery of the World’s biggest diamond. The Cullinan Diamond was found by Frederick Wells, surface manager of the Premier Diamond Mining Company in Cullinan on 26 January 1905. The stone was named after Sir Thomas Cullinan, the owner of the diamond mine. The second-largest stone cut from the Cullinan diamond is Cullinan II which is set in the Imperial State Crown, made during the coronation of King George VI in 1937. The 317-carat cushion-shaped diamond is the most valuable stone in the crown which was mounted on Queen Elizabeth’s coffin as she lay in state at Westminster Hall, awaiting her funeral on September 19, 2022.
The Town of Cullinan offers many outdoor attractions including: Mine tours, walking down Oak Avenue with its Curio Shops, interesting Restaurants and the famous McHardy Museum which has become part of the quaintness of this old Mining Town. Little mining Houses have been restored and are used to still portray the true ambience of this little mining town. One of the features of the Cullinan Recreation Club, which was erected in 1912; are nostalgic murals painted by Italian prisoners of war in 1944.
The mine itself covers 0,32 square kilometers and is 500m deep. This is nearly twice the size of the man-mined big hole of Kimberley.

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