Camp's Bay is located some 9km from Cape Town, on the slopes of the Twelve Apostles. It was originally named Baai von Kamptz, after Friedrich von Kamptz, a Dutch sailor who arrived in the Cape in 1778 and married the widow Anna Wernich whose farm Ravensteyn adjoined the bay. 

Camps Bay is an affluent suburb of Cape Town, South Africa. In summer it attracts a large number of foreign visitors as well as South Africans.
Shaded spots go early at Cape Town's crowded Camps Bay, where locals picnic and play in the strong Atlantic waves. Look for the flagged bathing areas for safer swims for all the family. Festive cafes sit adjacent to the sands, which are dramatically set at the foot of the Twelve Apostles Mountains.
Things to do:
Camps bay beach
Theatre on the bay, which is an Atholl Fugard, location
An assortment of International Cuisine and retail outlets
-33° 57', 18° 22' 48"