This is the Capital of the Eastern Cape Province. The Office of the Premier, Provincial Legislature and many other Government Departments; have their headquarters in this Town. The Town is 3 kilometers from King William's Town and 70 kilometers from East London. It is part of Buffalo City Municipality. Bisho which was previously spelt 'Bisho' means 'Buffalo in the Xhosa, Language. (This is because the Buffalo River runs through the Town.) It was reported that approximately 80 000 supporters of the 'Tripartite Alliance', (which consists of: the African National Congress (ANC); the South African Communist Party (SACP); the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) and the South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO). All these 'Mass Democratic Movement Organizations' marched to Bisho, the then Capital of the ‘Independent’ or Bantustan of Ciskei, on the 7th of September 1992. They all demanded an end to the military Government of Brigadier Joshua Gqozo and the reabsorption of the so-called black Homeland or Bantustan, into South Africa. (This Alliance was formed in 2019.) Bisho has many major Buildings which include: 'the Eastern Cape Government Offices (including office of the Premier); a branch of the University of Fort Hare; Bisho Hospital; Bisho Massacre Memorial (as per: the PLACE IMAGE); Bisho Stadium and an SABC radio station known as TRUFM'. Bisho is dependent on the nearby King Williams Town and East London.

The majority of the Town's Population is either employed by or servicing the Government. The Town of Bisho is surrounded by Residential areas, which include: 'Bisho Central; Tyutyu North; Bisho Gardens; Balasi and Amatola View'. Bisho Airport is a local Airport in Eastern Cape, South Africa, which serves Bisho and King William's Town. The airport lies on the right side of the N2 National Road towards Peddie. Each year during the Month of September, the Bisho Massacre Memorial Lecture is held to commemorate the massacre and various leaders from around South Africa take part in it.

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