Bertrams is named after Robertson Fuller Bertram, a property Developer who bought the area in 1889; the Suburb is the Oldest in Johannesburg. Bertrams characterises the down-to-earth, friendly appeal of this Country. There is an undeniably calm, inviting ambience, despite the high rate of Unemployment here.
The greater Ellis Park precinct has been identified by the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) for a R2-billion upgrade ahead of the 2010 World Cup, which will impact upon Bertrams (as well as Doornfontein, Bezuidenhout Valley, Troyeville, Judith’s Paarl and Lorentzville). Abandoned office Buildings will be converted into affordable Accommodation, while Derby Road will be turned into a high street providing Retail, Commercial and Entertainment Venues and the Terrace Road Mansions will be converted into medium density Low-Cost Housing.
Quotes about Bertrams
“Bertrams is set to change, in fact the inner City is about to change. The ordered chaos that we all know and love is under threat.” Ismail Farouk, an Artist and Social Development Consultant.
"Rapid Urbanisation and Trans-National Migration are both significant contributors to the ever increasing Resident Population who arrive in search, of new Economic Opportunities. Yet, Bertrams seems to have little to offer Global Economies and has become a place of Poverty.  Bertrams has a History of displacement which dates back 80 years." Ismail Farouk, an Artist and Social Development Consultant.
Bertrams shares its Border with Central Johannesburg, so it is close to many of the Shops, Office Blocks and Tourist Attractions of the City of Gold. Within its own Borders, a Public Swimming Pool and The University of Johannesburg (UJ) can be found. With the proliferation of youthful students comes a distinctly fun and trendy vibe, which complements the suburban look and feel of Bertrams.
Thanks to its close proximity to the Shops and Business Centres of Jo’burg, Bertrams is accessible and a convenient base from which to explore the City. In addition, it is close to the main Transport Routes, which grants easier access to the OR Tambo International Airport and other important attractions.
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