Settlement West of Amanzimtoti and South of Durban, in the Umlazi district. Established in 1836, it was destroyed by Dingaan, but rebuilt in 1839. Named after the American missionary, Dr. Newton Adams (1796-1841) who arrived in Natal in 1835 and who played a prominent role within the community providing medical care as well as printing pamphlets in Zulu. In 1844 he was ordained a priest and he frequently preached to congregations of up to a 1 000 people. His school provided an education to 100 pupils at a time and his medical skills were sought out by the British colonists, Boers and indigenous people alike! He became known amongst the Zulu's as 'the teacher with 3 coats' because of his changing of clothes to suit his differing areas of work, (including a white medical coat).

He was appointed in 1847 as a mediator on the Natal Land Commission, set up to establish native reserves in the country. Adams died at the Adams Mission on 16 September 1847; his funeral was attended by many prominent residents and milatary officers. The Adams College was named in his honour at Amanzimtoti in 1853. The college's alumni include Presidents of Botswana and Uganda, several ministers and leaders of the African National Congress.   

30° 41' 13.2", -30° 11' 2.2383"

New Dictionary of South African Names by Peter E Raper

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