This is a Watercourse extending East to West, 14 km West around the Area of Brandfort..The name is thought to be taken from the Walafrida Geniculata or 'Aarbos'. Their roots find water underground instinctively. Brandfort literally means: 'burning bean river', in Afrikaans. (This plant grows here naturally!) 

Brandfort is a small Town, located in the Lejweleputswa Region of the Free State Province in South Africa. It was founded in 1866 when a Voortrekker elder; Jacobus van Zijl; built a Church on his Farm: 'Keerom'. This in Afrikaans means: 'Defend Around'.

The Free State President: 'Brand', visited this Town and shortly after it was named- Brandfort, in his honour. The Town was also Home to former prime-minister H.F. Verwoerd. During the Apartheid era, Winnie Mandela was banished to Brandfort and her Home became a Tourist Attraction. The Area is known for; Prickly Pears, of which this fruit has twenty four other uses; accept for being able to eat it fresh from the Farm. Vice-Admiral Weston's Home is a popular Tourist Attraction because the first ever Aeroplane in Africa, was built on his Property!

-28° 41' 43.4626", 26° 27' 1.0563"

South African Place Names by Peter E. Raper