18 Gangster Museum is an initiative in the Cape Town Township of Khayelitsha, the first Living Museum in Cape Town! The creation of the Museum is to help the youths of South Africa better understand gangsterism and the prison system. There by providing a positive alternative, for those heading down the path of gangsterism by giving susceptible youths a hands-on look into what that life is like! In the museum a person is exposed to immersive text and imagery, as well as experiencing a replica of a prison cell! This all facilitated by ex-offenders themselves. The Museum includes a prison cell, where an ex-offender and gang member is voluntarily stationed with the aim of interacting with the visitors and telling them what life on the streets and in jail is like in an authentic, first-hand way. The ex-offenders who are involved in this project share their real-life experiences of gangsterism and their time in prison- all in attempt to turn their lives around! Visitors are also given insights into the current crime and gang-related statistics in South Africa, as well as an opportunity to see how some gang members have undergone a thorough rehabilitation process so that they can be positive contributors to their communities. 18 Gangster Museum has an array of merchandise on sale; including portraits and other designs by ex-prisoners and inmates that discovered their creative side whilst incarcerated. This is the first gangster Museum on the African Continent and is, therefore, a very important part of the local Tourism and allows the community to offer something back! This Cape Town attraction is open from Monday to Sunday. There is a 3 Hour Walking Tour which explores, the History of Khayelitsha and how the Gangs are now are transforming and contributing positively in shaping their society!

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