Mr William Nomodi Tshwane was reported to have been detained with other Soweto students on 25 July 1976 and held at Modderbee prison in Johannesburg.Police said that he had been caught handling a stolen vehicle and was shot dead while trying to escape.The family was only informed of their son's death on 14 October. Lawyers for the family were told that they could not be given the body since it had already been buried.

A police report concerning the death released by the minister of police on 23 February 1977 said that Mr Tshwane was caught in Soweto on 26 July 1976 while handling a stolen vehicle.When he attempted to flee he was shot dead by the police.An inquest was held and verdict of 'justifiable homicide'given.

In answer to a question put to him before parliament on 29 March 1983 regarding Mr Tshwane's detention and death,the minister of law and order, Mr Le Grange,replied 'There is no record that such a person had been detained in terms of security legislation,and unless further information is made available it is impossible to ascertain from all the police stations and border posts in the Republic whether such a person had been detained,because the law under which Mr Tshwane was held was undisclosed and because he was detained with other security detainees during the 1976 Soweto unrest,Mr Tshwane has been included in the list of security detainees.


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