Vincent Baloyi was born on 4 February 1954 in Newclare, Johannesburg. Baloyi first attended school in Soweto where his family moved in 1961. He studied art at the Fred Clarke Higher' Primary School in Soweto and completed Standard VI. In 1972 he met Eric Mbatha and began studying under him at the YWCA in Dube, Soweto. In 1974 Baloyi embarked on the two-year course at Rorke's Drift. On completion of the course the following year, Baloyi joined the National Arts Society and the SAAA 'and began working full-time as an artist. In 1981 he began teaching art, at the Open School until 1986 and then at FUBA until 1987. In 1986 he joined FUNDA as a Guest Artist. He is currently the technical assistant at FUNDA and periodically teaches sculpture.

Curriculum Vitae


1974: Sweden (Rorke's Drift).

African Art Centre, Durban (Black Expo).

American Embassy, Pretoria.

1975: City Hall, Durban (Black SA Today).

DAM (Art SA Today).

1976: SA Institute of Race Relations, Johannesburg (three-person with Nats Mokgosi and Dumisani Mabaso).

Greece; Israel; West Germany; USA; London, UK (group exhibition organised by the National Arts Society).

SAAA Johannesburg (Rorke's Drift).

1979: Bonn and West Germany ”” tour (Art from SA/Art from Soweto).

1987: Shell Gallery, Johannesburg ('Explorations' exhibition of work by Sokhaya Nkosi, Vincent Baloyi and AIA students).

FUBA (group).

1988: JAG (Vita Art Now).

FUBA (solo).

SA”” tour (Cape Town Triennial).


1976: SAAA, Johannesburg (first prize for etching).



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