Vernom Nkadimeng was born in 1958 to the African National Congress(ANC) activist and trade unionist John Nkadimeng.   

Nkadimeng skipped the country immediately after the 1976 Student Uprisings to join the ANC in exile. He went to Angola to undergo military training and later proceeded to Czechoslovakia to specialise in political training before was deployed to South African Congress of Trade Union (SACTU) underground machinery in Botswana.

Nkadimeng met his death in a fierce pre dawn cross border attack by the members of the South African Defence Force ( SADF) in 1985. He was with other Umkhonto we Sizwe combatants in this fateful day. He was buried in Gaborone Cemetery, Botswana.

His remains were only exhumed on 13 January 2006 and repatriated to South Africa for reburial. The exhumation ceremony was attended by his family including his father, South Africa High Commissioner to Botswana Eunice Komane and other South African nationals living in Botswana. Nkadimeng was buried at West Park Cemetery in Johannesburg on 28 January 2006.

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