Marion Gill was born in 1879, United Kingdom. She lived in SA from 1924 to 1957. She first studied at the Slade School of Art, London, and at the Art School in Newcastle-on-Tyne, where she experimented with sculpture and craftwork. She discovered her true medium when she went to the Edinburgh School of Art, where she mastered the technique of making colour woodblock prints in the Japanese manner. She followed tradition in making her prints, one block being cut for each colour and the printing done using hand pressure. She also made woodcuts in black and white. Gill exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy, the Paris Salon, the Society of Graver Printers and the Colour Woodcut Society, besides various annual exhibitions in SA. In March of 1933, she held a very successful exhibition of her work in Cape Town. Printmaking was some times set aside for oils, pastels, watercolour and chalk, and she produced landscapes as well as architectural and flower studies in these media. She worked at the SA Museum in Cape Town with her brother Dr Leonard Gill. She died in 1959, United Kingdom.

Curriculum Vitae

Exhibitor on SASA-related eihibitiotis c.1898 - 1950: 1931: 1st Annual Exh. Of Contemp. National Art, SAAG (SANG) with SASA, 7 Dec. -31 Mar. 1932. 1935: SASA sect., withNA, 5th Annual Exh. ofContemp. Art, SANG, ISDec.  18Feb. 1936. 1936: SASA 34th Annual Exh., Ashbey's Gall., Church St., 5 - I) Aug. 1936: SASA sect., with NA & indep. artists, 6th Annual Exh. iif Contemp An.SANG, 17 Dec.-17 Feb. 1937. 1937: SASA 35th Annual Exh., AG, Burg St.. 23 August. 1940: SASA 37th Annual Exh., AG, Burg St., 29 Jan - 10 Feb. 1941: SASA 38th Annual Exh., SANG, 17 Feb. 31 Mar. 1945: 42nd Annual Exh. Of Contemp. SA An, org. bySASA, MMG, 6 - 20 Apr. 1946: 43rd Annual Exh. Of Contemp. SA Art, an-, by SASA with NSA, MMG, 5 - 23 Apr. 1947: 44th Annual Exh. o/Contemp. SA Art, arr. by SASA, MMG, 11 Apr. - 26 Apr. 1947: SASA Members' Annual Exh., MMG, 9 - 22 Sep. 1949:SASA Members' Annual Exh.. MMG, 14-27 Sep.

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